Out and about!

I’n sitting at a shopping centre with a can of coke. O and N went extremely well! On Wednesday i should be learning the bus stop that gets you a bus home, shouldn’t take long! If that temporary bus stop doesn’t open until later, i’ll be learning how to get to Pet Stock! I know my poor Aunty will worry about me for a while, but when she sees that i’m doing just fine, everyone will be ok to let me be. I just wanna get out of the house and start work! I’ve wanted to settle into a job for ever! I’ll have a smile on my face every day! Just now i had to interrupt writing because a little kid tried to pat the dog. Mol! At least children don’t know that some beautiful dogs can’t be distracted from their amazing and important jobs. My dog is in his element right now. He loves going out with me! The only time he stays home without hassles is with the blinds drawn so the house is totally dark and he has a few munchies to gnaw at. Otherwise, Troy is much happier with me.

I’m buying sliced meat and spending the rest of the day at home. I want to read and play games. Next Friday i’m gettting a good case for my phone if i can afford it. This frigging phone case broke on me. What a waste of money if you ask me. In any case i need something to protect my phone and to connect a laniard to. I don’t want it lost or broken! This iPhone is the best gadget i’ve got so if it fucks up, i’ll just about have a fit and a heart attack. Hopefully my phone won’t break. I’ve gotta get going. I’ll write another blog soon!


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