I’m writing a blog now while I’m motivated to. I haven’t done much for the last couple of days. It’s been raining a lot, and I’ve been sorting out a few issues with a job assessment I’ll go to at Centrelink in a few weeks. I’m happy to go there, at least they’ll prove that I want to work and what needs to be done to help me manage that job. I just don’t think I should have to provide a medical certificate, but if it won’t be disclosed to employers, then if it’s just part of the evidence for this agency, I’ll go with it. I’ll sort out this certificate for Guide Dogs too. I’ve had that form sitting there for weeks now. I figure all service dog teams in the country need to be proven as fit and healthy so a new service dog of whichever category, can be issued to the handlers. Cool! I’m not cranky anymore! Troy is healthy too, which I’m always happy about.

I rang a person from Vision Australia who I know, yesterday afternoon. I sorted a few issues out concerning the wireless keyboard. I personally think the phone’s Bluetooth signal is to blame, the keyboard is easy to work with. This lady suggested I type slower, which I am now, and she also said to put the typing echo on the characters setting so the stuff I’m writting is easier to edit. So I have done that! I think everything is fine now. Cool, I can save up for Troy’s vacsinations, that temporary fence, then will save up for six months so I can go to Brisbane for a holiday. I’ve been wanting this holiday forever! I seriously can’t wait to go. It’ll be lovely to spend time with Stacey and whoever else I meet up with! I wanna go back to Braille House and say hi to everyone. That will be soooooo nice. I haven’t been there for years! When I move to Brisbane one day, I’m volunteering there again. I’ve been warned of a super malicious employee there, so if she starts, I’ll do something about the shit. I may get some things wrong, bbut that don’t mean I’ll let a few mistakes turn me into a pushover. I don’t think losing a fight is the end of the world. It’s the giving up and failing to keep going that’s bad. Also if you lose a fight before the fight goes to a courtroom, then at least nobody has to worry about money or feeling put down and becoming enemies. Fighting with people is sad, but when disputes are settled very quick, the fight doesn’t seem so bad and instead of getting very very upset, I can be chilled out and ready to move on instead! Life is ALLLLLLL good!!!!!!!! Oh well… I can get a cold cup of milk and ring Stace and jaw on all night. The weather is hot, so a cold drink would be wonderful.


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