Very damp!

Today is damp and rainy. I’m sitting around doing nothing. There’s nothing really to do until tomorrow. In the morning I have to sort out a bill for some teatowels from the SEIDA place in Melbourne, plus my mobile bill. Then if it’s not raining too muchh, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a few things from the shops. I need food very bad! I ate all the bread and the baked beans, so I’ll need to buy a few things tomorrow so I can eat three meals a day for two weeks. Running out of other stuff isn’t too good either. I bloody need Ajacks and washing powder. I’m gonna need dish rags in another two weeks. Not to mention the frigging dish washing detergent! Yep, I’m really losing out while the world remains happy around me. Luckily, I’m able to keep Troy happy. Honestly, that’s all that matters. I can get frustrated and pissed off, but I still have to keep Troy happy and healthy. So long as he’s fine, I’m happy. Those deer antlers, and the raw hides and other dried all-natural products that aren’t too brittle or splintery, well I’m keeping on buying them! Troy couldn’t be any healthier! All I need to do now, is to get that damn fence put in, plus clean my carpets, then I should be right as rain, for hopefully a very long time, and not just for a few months. Come on! Life needs to work out really good now that I’m totally settled in Cairns. I just need that job to keep me here for a few years.

Besides having to get all expensive bills out of the road, I’m doing all right. I’m really hungry, but I won’t be by the end of tomorrow. I’m gonna make a potato bake and a stir-fry the next night. I can freeze left-over stir-fry and pig out on left-over potato bake! Cooking is a pain in the bum, but I love eating what I cook now, assuming I cook better than I used to. So I’m cooking the potato bake just to get a bit of practise in so if anyone needs help with cooking one time, I won’t have any excuses. Plus it’s always good to have a snack on hand.

I can’t wait to hear that my eyes are good when I go to the eye clinic in November. I’m no longer an outpatient in the hospital! I am soooooooooooo happy about that! Man I’m bloody glad I don’t have to worry about shit anymore. The doctor reckons he wants to try to get some good light perception in my left eye one day, but I’m not agreeing with that. My retina is dead, so I don’t know how this dickhead is gonna bring it back to life. I don’t want to turn into Frankenstein! That’s a bit much to accept or deal with. I’m happy the way I am, I don’t need anything changed thanks. I just want the doctor to say that I’m ok and let me go. That will be perfect. I believe that if I’m not sick, my eyes aren’t sore, etc, then I don’t need anything done to them. I think that doctors shouldn’t really try to get my hopes up unless they’re absolutely sure that their procedures will work. Hopefully another drama won’t happen like what happened last year and in 2012. I was glad to have my eyes sorted, but the dramas that came with pain pills and trauma from surgery caused me to almost put myself to sleep. I was not happy, and if any surgery happens again and I respond to it badly, I will need someone to save me from putting myself dddown once again, until I’m ssane enough to think straight. I don’t like waking up from surgery just to make myself dehydrated and anorexic over simply not reacting to having my body tampered with very well.


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