Virtual pets and books

I’ve been keeping my virtual pet going all day. He’s asleep now, so I’ll let him have some peace for a couple of hours so I won’t accidentally kill it! I’m trying to keep it going for as long as I can! They apparently live for up to two weeks, but I reckon I could keep it alive for longer. I like these sorts of games. I’m so glad I can play with a virtual pet now, the old tammagotchi toys were totally inaccessible. Besides that I’ve done nothing much. I haven’t read any books today, but I plan to get a few hours of reading in soon. Right now I’m trying to get over a sore shoulder, which I somehow hurt last night. It fucking hurts a lot! I had to take Paracetamol just so I can move without too much trouble. Hopefully I should be a bit better tomorrow.

I’ve kept Troy happy too. He’s doing really well with learning how to keep out of my kitchen! I’m happy about that one. I don’t want any dogs in my kitchen. Citranella spray works really well, so hopefully in a few days my dog simply won’t come near the kitchen. The only thing I have to do now is to keep Troy happy at times when I’m not home! Chewy items and a bit of relaxation will work wonders. The chewies are sorted, so now the relaxation part will be worked out. Hollistic health always benefits everybody. I’m happy now that Troy is doing well. I’m in my air-conditioned room, so life is even better. I’ll just keep thinking of cheap meals for each day too, so my finances will be just right as well. The only person who actually cares about me is me, so that’s all that matters, I’ll live how I want to live and stuff the rest.

My other goal to achieve besides work, is to eventually get an iPhone 5S! They cost way heaps of money, so if that plan doesn’t work out, I’ll go for a 4S, if they’re cheaper. It’s not like I want the fingerprint security, I just want a phone with more memory and a faster processor. All my apps are taking up more and more space as I add info to them, so it’s about time I got a phone that’ll last for ever instead of just a few years. This one will last, but there’s no point in keeping a phone when the memory will eventually run out sooner than later. I’ll sort something out. My most important goal right now is saving money and getting a job. All these people who say you don’t need money to live have no idea how to live in the real world. If you don’t buy food, you starve. So don’t tell me you don’t need money! I don’t actually care what anyone says, it takes money to move to another place, so if I don’t get a job, I’m gonna struggle to move to Brisbane next year, but if I do find work, moving will be a fair bit easier. I also have a fucking dog to think of, it’s not like I can just do anything I want and expect the dog to suffer just because I’m happy to jump on the tilt train tomorrow. People just don’t know.

I’m making sandwiches for tea. Mashed potato and pumpkin will do just fine on bread. Tomorrow I’m buying a bit of meat that I can chuck in the freezer. I’ll be fine on a bit of food here and there for another week, so long as I can eat three times a day. All these people who think it’s fine to buy three hundred dollars worth of food every day don’t really know what it’s like to be poor, nor do they know what it’s like to appreciate the small things. I know some people will find this offensive, but I’m just being honest. I certainly don’t condone living a hard life or creating dramas, but acting like you need the best of everything is bad too. There’s plenty of poor people who survive for years on just enough food and clothing to get them by.


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