The lawn mower guy is coming around on Sunday now. He apparently hurt his back. So now i’m getting a few chores out of the road. Troy is doing good too! His general house training is fucked now. I took him outside at around 7 am and he had to be encouraged to relieve himself. I think he knows that i’m not giving him a chance to crap in the house! He did crap outside though eventually, so i’m happy with that. To me, Troy needs a clean floor because it’s a good toilet area. That’s very gross! So now my dog has absolutely no freedom at all. I don’t think he’ll ever learn the difference between inside and outside relieving now, but i can keep him restricted when i leave home for three hours. I’m sure Sam and the other trainers will do something if what i do doesn’t work.

Well it’s been a few hours since i’ve written. I interrupted this entry to sort the washing out and go off with the carer. I also misplaced my phone! Luckily it was in my carer’s car. Wow, I thought I wouldn’t be getting another God damn phone lol! So my phone is safely with me now, and I’m getting a little poutch for it so the phone is on me 24-7. I can still put it somewhere when I’m at home, I can still put it in my bag. But if it’s in the poutch as well, then I can leave it around my neck. I’m sick of having to run around the house just to answer a phone call anyway. So a poutch would be of help. I guess that means the only time I wouldn’t be able to answer the phone was if it was in my room on the charger. Mind you, I can put my recharger in a different power point too. So I’ll see how things go. Then again, if I lock the phone and don’t use it much, then the battery power would stay for a while.We’ll see… All I care about is that my phone is working well and I hopefully won’t fucking lose it again. I need to play with it when we’re driving around, I can’t just put my phone away and pretend it doesn’t exist. I’ve got a cold cup of water and a hot coffee in front of me. So I’m glad I could eat two mangoes and also keep my stupid frigging phone. I went to Rusty’s Markets today, so I think I’ll go there every two weeks. The fruit and vegies are so cheap there. If I buy just the pumpkin and broccoli from the supermarket and the few necessities I need, and the majority of the fruit and vegetables at Rusty’s, then I should put a bit of money away. My current plan for living here is that if I find work by the end of the year, I can spend a couple more years in Cairns to save up for an eventual move to Brisbane. If I don’t find work, then I’ll take off somewhere during next year or at the very beginning of 2016. I want to continue working at Braille House. I also want a bit of entertainment targetted towards blind people, or entertainment that is easily accessed by blind people. There’s not much going here. You only find out about stuff either through hearing someone talking about it or if you happen to ask questions at the time, or if you accidentally find whatever entertainment which isn’t advertised. Cairns is similar to Darwin. I love the place, but hate the boredom! I’d live here forever. I actually want to. But that’s the point, there’s not enough entertainment for me, much less for Troy.

Troy’s doing exceptional with his training! He’s doing great. My biggest worry is when I’m not home a couple of times next week, what the frig is he gonna do!

I’m back to this entry again. I mucked around with Facebook for a while. I didn’t wanna make a million entries. So I’m keeping my jumbled-up crap in the one blog. My iphone is about to die so I guess I’d better publish this and make a proper entry tomorrow…


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