More guide dog issues

So my day is going well! I’ve been reading and Facebooking all day. I’ve been living like a poor woman and eating whenever I can, but that’s normal for me now, until I move to Brisbane that is. Rent is too expensive here, poor Stacey pays a rip off amount of money, so if I don’t find work by the end of the year I’ll be moving to live with her. I reckon Troy will have a better life too, working all the time, exercising more etc. I hate leaving him home when I go out, poor Troy doesn’t need that sort of life. He is a dog, but he’s not a fucking ornamental pet. What a sad life to have! So hopefully I’ll find work, or I’m out of here. Cairns will see me at least once almost every year from then on. I’ll have a lot more interesting things to write about too! To make my day look seriously boring, all I’ve done was read Kindle books and mucked around on Facebook. And kept Troy attached to me via leash all day so I can get on top of the bullshit.

Right! So here comes the crap to get out of the road. O and M has gone well, but Troy is a bit sus at the moment. I have people divided as to whether his teeth are ok or not, so the vet is setting the record straight next week, to my fuuuuuuuucking expense. That’s right, I’m so rich and can dole out money at limitless frigging disposal! Joking. Anyway, hopefully I won’t need to starve to death for Troy to have his teeth cleaned. He’s getting older now so I want him to live past 16, if I can help it. Even if he turns 16, that’ll be pretty ok with me. But for now, I want us both to survive. Other than his mouth, Troy is doing better than I am. The only problem is that when I’m not home, Troy pees and craps all over my dining area. He’ll even urinate if I’ve been out for just under three hours. I may have gotten on top of his routine while I’m at home now, but when I’m out and can’t take him, I hate having to come home to pee and shit. I’ve even noticed that cleaning the floor makes Troy worse. So I’ve put him on leash confinement indefinitely till I work out what else to do. That way if there is messes, they’ll be always near the back door for me to clean up, and I can come through the front door with a mop and mop bucket to keep Troy’s marking smell from getting all over the house. If I can keep that smell away, he’ll stop associating my house for a back yard and toilet area. Bullshit to anyone who thinks dogs like clean environments! Dogs love dirty places, we humans expect them to like cleanliness. Dogs simply don’t care less whether their toilet area is grass or kennel area, and they couldn’t care less if their areas have been cleaned or not. So now I’m being Mean Mother Goose, and I’m enforcing the “stay clean” rule. Dogs are as clean as their owners/mothers/other clan members are. If what I do for Troy doesn’t fix his toileting issues when I occasionally leave him home, I’ll on have a program ready to go that’ll teach him. There won’t be any more leaving Troy home all day just because I’m going out with family members fucking rubbish. If they can’t accept that, then too bad so sad, I just won’t go out unless I either take the dog, or put the dog at their place for a while. They have two choices: Help me with the needs of me and the guide dog, or fuck off out of my life. I’m not playing with shit anymore. As for treating Troy’s separation anxiety problems for the occasions he has to stay at home, that’s another whole major disaster that will need another program. I told my O and M instructor yesterday about my reason for accidentally missing the city mall stop when I was on the bus. She wasn’t happy but she understood my reasons for doing homework. She just didn’t agree with me doing it on the bus except if I have an alarm set, which another trainee instructor with her suggested. So I was happy with that discussion.

I took Troy to the grass at like quarter to two in the arvo and got back home at around four-thirty so when I cleaned up a puddle of piss that was near the dining table and not even near the back door, I knew there was trouble on my hands! Troy isn’t uncomfortable with having a pee inside as we initially thought he wound be, or otherwise he’d have gone to the back door and peed there because of being trapped inside. So now he’s trapped on lead, and the only way he can go to the toilet now is if he either gets restless when he wakes up, or I take him out to the grass every few hours. Next week when I do more cane training, Troy will be at home for at least three hours, so I’ll be home by the four hours mark, so if I clean up piss and/or shit, I’ll know that either Troy will go or I’ll be up all hours of every day for a couple of weeks until Troy won’t use the house as a toilet area anymore. So excuse me, but if anyone says that my dog isn’t like a kid, then I will blindfold them and make them follow my routine and rules and feeding schedule and everything. Then we’ll see what said person thinks after that. If you haven’t experienced guide dog training routines, don’t make a comment. Same with if you’re sighted and think you know what it’s like to be blind. You have no fucking idea. I hate people who think they can tell me what I can and can’t do with my life. Fuck me if that’s the case, because the only things I can’t do are what I haven’t tried to do, and what I’ve tried and failed at a number of times. Seriously, life needs to be treated a bit more simply than what people make it out to be. I’m sick of fighting with everyone, so now if they want to put the stupid act on with me, I put the blunt act on with them. It’s puts everyone straight then. What a pity life has to be so peaceful! I love the peace and not many arguments though. I don’t put up with dramas unless I have to. Troy’s as healthy as a lion, he just needs his teeth to be put in shape and he’ll do just fine! His separation anxiety is disgusting, so I’ll sort that out. By the time Troy is perfect with me, he’ll have to retire so I’ll get a bit bottle of Baileys to anesthetise myself until I’m not so sad.

It has rained on and off all day. I love it! What I hate is that I can’t go out walking unless I put on a raincoat, and poor Troy will get wet. But I do need to walk him so what else can I do? I have to get eye saline tomorrow so I’m not left with any options. I can’t let that salt water run out. The breeze is sooooooooo cool right now! It is beautiful right now. I won’t need the air-con tonight! I’ll be reading my kindle books forever too, I love them. I’ll read more after I’ve finished this blog. Then I’ll recharge the phone and pack my Braille books up to send back tomorrow. I’ve had them for too long now. Someone is mowing a lawn, and the birds are out and about. Traffic is going up and down the street intermittently, and me and Troy are sitting outside with no care in the world at all. Life needs to be like that every day! I also want days like these every day. I think positivity would go a long way with making the world better, so why people can’t be reasonable I don’t know. I think everyone would live longer if they kept happiness and got rid of stress. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me or Troy. The only thing wrong is that we can’t walk in this stupid rainy weather despite it being so nice when sitting around. And the only other issue I’ve got is made-up-in-the-head crap. It’s not real. Life is very good. It wasn’t good last year, but I had real excuses for being negative. This year I’m all set to find work or move. I don’t have a third option. I will not stay in Cairns anymore unless I get a job, because entertainment options and transportation is very limited. I’m fending for myself now so family members can see that I can make it on my own whether they’re there for me or not. I don’t need anyone to watch my back as much as some might think I do. I may need family support, but I don’t need them to kiss my feet all day. My aunty didn’t agree with me having Mackers for tea a few nights ago when I could have had some of their nice curry. Well I chose to have McDonalds, and I don’t always have to eat every time I go around there. Wow, what a sad world when people have to get used to me being strong and independent! Oh well nothing stays the same for ever.


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