The heat wave continues

Honestly, it has been seriously boiling lately! I’m sweating like a pig and yet I’ve got the air-con on full-bore, and it’s taking its time to cool the room. I’ve just gotten home from Jill’s place. My stupid fridge has died on me…. Again! Bastard! It was working yesterday, but by lastnight it had crashed. I cleaned it out this morning, which took me like an hour. So I was up way super early to do that. I left the fridge for a while, then turned it on again, but it didn’t come back to life. My other appliances haven’t broken down, so it’s sad that the fridge has carked it twice in twelve months. Even Carly told me in a disappointed tone that I can change the settings at any time without it breaking down if I wanted, which only made me more upset because I knew this for a long time so hearing a guy telling me to leave the fridge settings as is, is dodgy to me. It has been soooooo hot lately yet I didn’t turn the fridge temperature down in case the timer fucked up or too much frost built up or something. I then went off and said that Carly and the rest of them uses the God damn fridge every single day, puts heaps of ice in the freezer etc, and the fridge doesn’t play up like that. It’s frigging stupid! I cried my eyes out too, the bloody fridge was set up with everything I wanted in it! I either want a new fridge sooner than later, or stuff it – I don’t want another one.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a few days. My favourite Bible Chuck Misler is so adorable and intelligent! He seems like a kind person, and he really knows his Bible more than he knows the back of his own hand. So I’ve been spending all my time taking in loads of info. I’m gonna spend even more time exercising this week. I’ll need to buy dinner to eat straight away until my fridge is fixed. Hopefully the heat won’t be so severe. I guess I won’t be making coffee for a while. Or I’ll just drink it while I’m out I guess. I hate my frigging fridge! I love my local butcher, but they’re such a rip-off that I hardly buy anything from them. I guess I could also live on junk food for a few days too, or chicken and salad. I don’t want a lot of take-out though. Just the healthier foods is fine. And while I’m not doing anything, I can be listening to podcasts all day. I can’t get enough of them. I think iPhones were designed for continuous use haha! I love the wireless keyboard too. I can type three times faster than when I use the touch pad. I’ll use the on-screen key pad if necessary, but I like the keyboard better. I hate Bluetooth when it plays up, but it doesn’t have all that much trouble. So besides the fridge acting like a devil and me having to play with my phone for six hours a day, things aren’t doing too badly. And now I’m using the touch pad because my cousin will be here any moment now!

I’m at Jill’s house now. I’m having my Uncle’s famous spag for dinner! I only had a sandwich for lunch, so i’m extremely starving at this point in tiime. I can’t wait to buy a new fridge, i won’t starve ever again. I hate fridges that muck up! It’s good, man when i buy a good fridge, i’m gonna fill it wit all manner of goods so i can eat vegies every day. I’ve just tasted a spoonful of vegies, and they’re yum! I so can’t wait to eat.


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