I’m testing some new batteries I’ve just put into my keyboard. It’d better frigging work now! I like writing blogs, so typing with the touch pad for a few hours instead of a few minutes with a keyboard, gets tedious after a while. Supposedly Mac batteries last longer, but if these AA batteries last long enough for me, I’ll keep using them. I don’t see any point in wasting money for no reason. Besides that I’ve done nothing except fucking boring old chores. I still need to vacuum the floor. I vacuumed yesterday, and today the floor feels as though I’ve never cleaned it. I’m certain that when I mop it, Troy will try to soil it again, somehow. So I’m thinking I may just have to mop it every day just so my dog learns that my floor isn’t a puppy nursery. I hate SA Guide dogs. Either they didn’t train their puppy raisers good enough or the puppy raiser that raised Troy, was just plain lazy. I don’t know. I can’t even get away with being lazy with Troy’s routine here! Glad I left Darwin and that fucking backwards government, I can tell you. I think Troy is doing better over here. He’s totally banned from going out into my back yard for good now, I don’t trust him at all because he goes into the garden and eats what he can chew on, then projectile vomits allllll over the lounge or dining area, depending on where he is at the time. Troy is never doing that again. He creeped me out the other day, trying to come towards me for comfort, and there was no way I was letting him go anywhere till he stopped spewing up and he was composed enough to follow direct orders to go outside. Holy fuck I got startled, and I’m definitely not repeating this bloody experience. I know dogs spew up more often than people, but if I’d vomited the same way Troy did two days ago, I’d be pretty frightened too. He full-on spewed up, it wasn’t just some passive vomit. Luckily Troy is fine now, but he won’t set foot on my lawn till I’ve leashed him, and he only goes where I take him. I’m mopping the floor this arvo so there’s absolutely no grime on it at all. I’ll put Ajacks in the bucket instead of Pino Clean, Ajacks has a better smell. I really can’t stand dogs with their dirty habits. To me they’re exactly like pigs. They just don’t eat pig food and they’re better trained and easily adaptable to different lifestyles, and they pant in order to sweat, they don’t exactly need mud to cool off. But, like pigs, they still roll in mud anyway. Besides having to treat Troy like a baby, nothing has changed in my life.
I’ve almost finished with Nan’s Christmas cake. As much as I like the cake, and I thanked Pop for fixing my mop, I’m still not willing to visit them and be their best friend. Every time I try to be their best friend, I’m the biggest fucking cown they’ve ever known. So that’s it for me. It’s funny how some morons hate people and only apreciate them when they’re missed. Good! I’m certainly not interested in being sucked in again. I don’t do emotional manipulation. Telling me to my face that you hate me, then saying sorry because you want me back in your life, only to spite me again, isn’t going to cut it with me. I may say please and thank you, have a good day and see ya later, but that’s it from now on. My grandparents can be as nice as they wish, but they know full well that none of their family is biting the bait again. That’s one thing I’ve told Mum: If she thinks she can be horrible to me and turn around with remorse when she misses me, she’s got another thing coming. That’s how I treat everybody. There’s too many people that take advantage of others by putting on the I’m-sorry act. To me, most of the time sorry is just an excuse to deny your behaviour and disguise the fact that you don’t really care and are just sorry for being caught. I know nobody’s perfect, but being reasonable and being perfect are two different things in my book, so being reasonable would be good enough for me.
I’m getting my Christmas stuff tomorrow! That’s all I can say, till Wednesday afternoon. I can say I’m getting the snack food though. We’ve got a whole heap of stuff going this year. As for the other stuff, I won’t mention in case some people familiar to me reads this and word slips out. Christmas Day is absolutely gonna be the highlight of my year, that’s for sure. When I come home tomorrow, I’m gonna make a cake. I’ll sort that out too. I can’t decide if I want to make cake and a few caramel tarts, or just the cake. I’ll see how I go for money. I want the house to be spotless by tomorrow afternoon. Not much dog hair around, a really clean floor, clothes all put away etc. I’m sure I’ll manage it! On Wednesday I’m waking up super early, so expect a blog from me as soon as I wake up at 5 am. I’m even gonna do a blog at Jill’s place later in the morning. This year is totally different, I don’t want to miss out on all the joyous memories! I wrote about pain and misery last year, so this year I’m going to write about all the joy and goodness that’s currently in my life. I’m a hundred percent certain that had I not moved here in August of 2012, I wouldn’t be in such a good place today. Maybe I’d still be on painkillers, maybe I would have tried to kill myself and succeeded, or maybe anything else not so good. So I’m glad I moved over here. I kept telling the fucking doctors that I still regret everything bad that ever happened to me, especially where my eye procedures were involved. At least they had it right when they said that trauma causes negative stuff to happen and it soon goes away, with or without medical intervention. It’s not like I care anymore, awake procedures are just as bad for me, just that instead of taking two or three days to stop throwing up, it goes away in a matter of hours. But that’s still not enough of a difference to me, getting sick is getting sick, no matter how severe or mild or for how long. So I don’t really care. I’ll just say no to any future surgeries and if anything happens, then such as life and bugger me. I’ll just buy a bottle of chardenae, and one day if I need to drown my sorrows for one night, I can. I wouldn’t ever do this straight after hospital admissions though. I’d give it like a month to make sure all other drugs are out of the system, then I’d go for it. I only get drunk three or four times a year.
Ok, I’ve had to interrupt this blog to chat to my cousin over Messenger. My phone is about to die on me, so I have to stop here and post this blog. I’ll make another one soon!


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