I’m writing in short-hand cos the Bluetooth keyboard keeps cutting out. I’ve changed a few settings so i can use the touch pad a lot better, but i can still type much faster with a wireless keyboard. I think the batteries are going flat or something. Oh well i’ll sort it out later & make do with tapping the screen 4now. The keyboarrd gets stuck on letters sometimes, so i can make a blog a bit quicker without it 4the time being. Let’s just say that i’m very glad i got seriously good training with my phone! I use the damn thing so fast now that it can’t keep up with me! I can’t even type quick on the wireless keyboard because the Bluetooth signal can’t handle my typing speed. So maybe i can use a touch pad perfectly fine. My cousin reckons i type fast, so Jill told her it’s because i use 2 hands instead of holding it in my hand & using my thumb. I had a go at using my thumb so i wouldn’t need 2 hands but it didn’t work 4me. I prefer 2do 1-finger touch-typing! I honestly don’t know how my cousin can use just 1 hand 2type! I assume she thinks the same way about me using my finger 2quickly tap at letters while dragging my finger over the screen & using the other hand 2guide the phone a vit so it’s easier 2type. I reckon using 1 hand 2type with the thumb is too fucking slow! Each 2their own, i guess.

I quickly gulped down a big cup of water because i was thirsty! I feel a lot better now. The fact that 2day is very cool is even better. Hopefully it’ll stay cool like this, i’m sooooooo sick of the heat! It wears a bit thin after a while. By the sounds of it, the birds are absolutely loving it. I would do too, i don’t know anyone who would want that frigging sun blaring down at them! It’s fucken horrible. I actually have the fan turned off & i’m not sweating. I want 2go 4a walk this arvy if it’s not raining. I hope the rain doesn’t set in, it’s a bit sus 2me. God damn it i need bread & milk! It better be good weather later on.


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