Bluetooth issues

My phone is having a really hard time with the Bluetooth signal today! I know the keyboard works well. I reckon it’s the phone that’s playing up. I did get an older phone, so I’m blaming the phone. The reception with Optus is fucking shit at the moment too! It makes me wonder why the on-screen keyboard works better. I can’t type very fast though, that’s why I got the wireless keyboard. My other problem is not being able to sleep at night. I can sleep during the day, but daytime is for staying awake. I guess I just hate daytime. I can’t tell my ophthalmologist any of this! If I do, he’ll ask me how I can distinguish day from night, and if I tell him that I hear the birds, read the time etc, but can’t tell him whether it’s dawn or dusk just by looking at the sun, I’m certain the dude will fucking try to con me into getting the left eye fixed. There’s no way I’m gonna let that happen! Fuck that! The doctor knows I’ll never see. It’s not like seeing more sunlight than just faint brightness will improve anything. I must never let the doctor know how paranoid I am no matter what time of day or night it is. He’ll use my mental state to prove that my fear of the dark is worse because it’s almost always dark for me. I think he’s bloody mad thinking he can somehow get my vision back when he knows the odds are against him.

I’ve just played around with the settings in my phone a bit. I’ve had to get rid of all auto-correct settings, because for some reason they interfere with Bluetooth. I don’t know why the auto-capitalisation kept kicking in while I was typing, honestly I know how to use the shift key! I also know how to edit documents, for God’s sake. And without gynxing things, it appears that my keyboard is working way better now, since my phone doesn’t have to process every letter to determine if it needs to be capitalised. Bluetooth still plays up a bit, not not too badly. It’s not like I need help to edit my stuff anyway. Ok, I’d better finish this entry. I need to find out what’s happening with the dog bathing service today. The two women haven’t turned up yet.


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