I don’t know what happened to my flaming blog, but it’s not showing up in the site. I thought it’d published but clearly it fucking hasn’t! Let me check WordPress one more time, and if it hasn’t published, I’m going to have to God damn write this entry again. And believe me it’s gonna be a nice long one. I’ve got plenty of time on my hands today. Right! Let’s start this again. Get ready for a good hour of reading, because I need to discuss a few things. I’m in my notes application so this time, if the blog that I paste into wordpress doesn’t go through, I’ll still have a copy! I’m glad I got trained with my iPhone really well. I’m also glad I got the Bluetooth keyboard. It occasionally plays up on me, but so does every other bit of technology that I use almost every day.

The cleaner from Bluecare has made my house spotlessly clean. While she was here I got her to find out if someone could start mowing my lawn once a month so I don’t need family members to keep coming around here just to do my housework. I want to have lunch or coffee with them, I shouldn’t always have them here just to do chores. I can at least control when I give my money away. So I’m currently waiting for a phone call. In the meantime I’ll be getting ready for Christmas. I’m gonna make a whole batch of chocolate balls for myself, and another one for my family. If they wont take them, I’ll share them with my neighbour. I don’t let my food go to waste.

Troy did very well today. I told him to sit when the cleaner arrived, and he didn’t stir up very much. I think all the training outside every day is working. I won’t be taking him outside very much this afternoon because of the rain, so we’ll see what’s happening tomorrow. I’m just going to take my time cooking steak for tea, and I’m having left-over vegies. I can’t decide if I want white sauce with them or just leave them plain. I’m sick of preparing gravy, so I’ll just give it a miss tonight. I’m also sick of eating bread, so when I’m done with the steak, I’ll decide how I want my meal served. So now that I’ve got today worked out, I have no idea what I’m up to tomorrow.i’ll wake up in the morning and make plans then.

Right! I must go into detail about Troy’s behaviour and go on about why I think he is the way he is. The puppy raiser who cared for him allowed too much freedom when he was very young. I don’t think young puppies need as much freedom as people give them. Dogs need some space to move and run around, but as babies they’re still learning about the world, and letting them roam the yard at will is not the best thing for them, if you’re not prepared to supervise. Young puppies have a hard enough time learning about the world without having to learn about a big dangerous world to go along with it. People think they do puppies a big favour by letting them get up to mischief because it’s cute and funny and all. But they don’t realise that a funny youngster soon turns into a badly behaved and sometimes aggressivedog. I believe small dogs and pitbulls have the worst temporaments because people have no idea how to train them properly from the start, and they also probably forget to keep the dog in check when it gets older. Just because it may be trained well doesn’t mean it won’t muck up. And if the dog is a stubborn personality or aggressive breed, then you’d better be prepared to remind this dog of where it stands, once you’ve trained it. Adult dogs with good training still needs a bit of reminding here and there. Pitbulls and small dogs especially need supervision around other people at all times even if those people are familiar with the dogs. Dogs don’t think like people, so why the fuck people assume otherwise, I don’t know. Dogs and kids are completely different too. Some traits are similar, but dogs are dogs and children are humans. Children grow up and learn, dogs do not. They only learn by experience, dogs never learn by reason or develop the ability to reason. So I won’t excuse people for saying that their little dog is funny with other people. No it’s not, the people who trained that dog, are a bit funny. I can’t and won’t tolerate dogs being disrespectful towards me. Dogs are only funny if they’re being nice and they’re just doing something that’s funny. They aren’t funny because of how aggressive they are when they jump up at me, or mouth my arm, etc. To me, it’s rude and bad ownership.

I’ve just finished cleaning up after eating a delightful dinner! So now I can get back to my blogging. Anyway, I was saying that people who allow their dogs to be badly behaved are not good dog owners. I’m supposedly cruel because Troy is well-trained and I’m super strict with him. Well, you can’t have a well-trained dog and not be strict! Dogs aren’t flexible beings, they only see things through black and white glasses. Why people believe differently is beyond me. One mistake people make is to believe that when my dog is trained, you can just forget about everything and just expect the dog to be perfect angel. Ah, no! Actually, that doesn’t work in the real world. A dog needs revision training every day of its life, not just when you think it needs it. And, no, I don’t totally put my life in Troy’s hands, or paws if you want to be technical. I’m really putting his life in my hands, because I think what I’m expecting Troy to do is safe, but it very well might not be! Again, it’s all about how much the dog trusts you and how much you’ve trained it to know good from bad. It’s only as good as you make it. If I want Troy to save me from an oncoming car, then maybe I won’t ever let him cross the road unless I know it’s safe, and then maybe if Troy finds things a bit out of whack one time if I want him to cross the street, he’ll think twice because well, um… I don’t usually cross the road to intententionally get run over! It’s the same with every other behaviour in the dog. If it’s not part of Troy’s routine for me to accept him jumping up at someone, then maybe he’ll think twice before doing it when it comes to the crunch. If he doesn’t think about it, then he’ll soon work out what his consequences are. My feeling is that people who can’t train a tame, friendly dog no matter what breed or size, clearly don’t know dogs at all. I’m sooooooooo fucking sick of the excuses, so I just don’t listen to what anyone says about how I should or shouldn’t treat my dog, unless my guide dog instructors confirm those concerns.


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