It’s reeeeeeeeeeally hot today! I’m sitting in the dining room under the fan because I don’t want a huge electricity bill because of the air-con. So I’ll wait till tonight to put the air-conditioner on. I won’t exercise Troy today, I bet it’ll be waaaaay hot this afternoon. I wanted to go for a walk this morning but the weather was too harsh, just like I thought it’d be. So I’m staying home and will see how the weather is tomorrow. I like walking, but I guess I won’t be walking every day till the end of March, when it’ll be cooler and I can walk more often.

I drank two cuppas and a big cup of freezing cold milo. That’s how bad the heat is. I guess I’ll be getting ice water soon. I’ve even chucked all my meat in the freezer, even in the fridge food doesn’t last long here. Yet I’m told if I turn the fridge’s temperature dial all the way to the lowest temperature, I’ll blow up the air-conditioner and wreck the fridge because of the frost build-up. Same with the freezer. So I just keep the most perishable foods in the freezer and the less perishable foods in the fridge. And I keep tonnes of ice in the trays. I can’t drink hot water. It has to be cold or I won’t drink it. The only way I can drink hot water is if it’s boiling hot and made into coffee. Otherwise, I only drink tap water when I absolutely have to. Talking of eating, I’m making a sandwich for lunch soon, and steamed vegies with risoles and possibly gravy for dinner. As for the sandwich, I don’t even know what I’m putting on it. I didn’t buy salad, and chicken is far too expensive. I could just cook up a chicken breast, but I have absolutely no motivation to cook right now. Plus I’ve just cleaned my kitchen. So now I’m stuffed if I’d know what to do about this frigging bread. I’m actually not that hungry to be honest. Maybe a jam sandwich will do me. I’ll see how I feel in a couple of hours.

Christmas is almost here. I can’t wait to make better memories this year. Last year at this time, I was managing eye pain almost around the clock. I was able to have periods of time without codeine, but these periods were getting rarer each week. By January, I was taking it every day when the eye steroids weren’t working. The doctor had a last go at reversing any damage without surgery. So I was told to only take Panadol, but clearly this reprieve wasn’t to last. A day surgery in February, which unfortunately gave me only eight days of weaning off the codeine, before my eye really gave me trouble. By then, I wasn’t stopping pain relief at all. I thought last Christmas was full of pain relief schedules, by the end of February, things were much worse. Not even a good camping trip could dull my pain. Even my Aunty got concerned and realised I was just doing what it took to manage pain, she didn’t like the look of my face and couldn’t wait for me to sort it out! So I got my eye reconstructed, and now I’m not looking back! Right now I’m blogging without a care in the world. I’m hot, but I’m not totally miserable and wiped out. Yes I still take Panamax and nurofen on and off every four weeks, and then if I’m very unwell. But other than that, I don’t need anything else. Plus I know what to do if my monthly pain relief plan stops working. So far so good! This Christmas is going to be a whole lot better for me. I’ll get up super early and go to Jill’s house to open presents, actually I hope I get a pet fish. I like fish. But if I don’t get one, I’m buying one next year. The next thing I hope to get is a small pot of herbs. It would be lovely to put them in some meals. I also want a hand-reel with a winder on it so it’s easier to control without having to use a rod. With a rod, I’d have to flick it to cast the hook and sinker. But I’d find it easier to cast off a reel because they’re smaller and lighter and more compact. I’ll see what happens. A soap holder would be nice, but fish and plants are better.


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