Taking it easy

I’ve decided I wanna write another entry. I’m waiting for my early dinner to cook. A lovely marinaded pork chop and steamed vegies and rice. Yum’m’m’m’m’m! I wanted gravy, but I’m not that motivated to cook today. I just want to get dinner over and done with so I can eat. The vegies and rice smells delightful, and while Bluetooth is having a fit while I type, I’m killing time till I’m sure the vegetables are cooked just right. I can’t stand hard steamed vegies. Stacey reckons I do all right, but then there’s the difference between ok and very nice! So hopefully my meal will be lovely. I swear to God though, I’ll be going back to the Crown Hotel soon. Their dinners are soooooo good. I hate food which isn’t cooked properly, I’m not interested in anyone else’s opinion. Food that isn’t cooked right isn’t good food at all.

I was gonna go for a walk this arvy, but between the overcast weather and the heat, I’m not thinking so. I’ll just stay home and see what tomorrow holds. A walk in the morning would be very nice, but depending on the heat, I really don’t know till then. I bought all I need for two weeks, hoping that what I can store in the freezer will buy me more than two weeks so I won’t have to buy a whole lot of groceries for a while. So I need to keep money for necessities only, and that Christmas present. I’ll just eat everything else I cook. Speaking of cooking, my dinner was yum! I’m super full now so I won’t worry about another feed till morning. I’ve just realised that I didn’t buy cereal, so I guess I can buy it next week.

I’m putting Troy on his tracker lead this afternoon. I think doing exercises out the front for maybe an hour each day will keep my dog in top shape. I’m trying to think of games that’ll encourage Troy’s obedience rather than wreck it. I figure that just chucking food for him to chase is teaching him bad habits, so I’m gonna make Troy feel a bit challenged today. I want to mix a bit of running and obedience together. That way Troy will wear out very fast without thinking he’ll be allowed to chase after anything thrown at him. Let’s see how this plan works out. Actually, I think I’ll post this entry to WordPress and publish and get Troy’s obedience lesson started.


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