Warning: Please don’t read if you find this blog offensive!

I’m doing this blog on the laptop. I’ve been mucking around with iTunes for a good hour now, but Jaws isn’t reading all the stuff in it. What a stupid program! Plus, I haven’t written a laptop blog for ages. Writing on the phone is very good but also very very slow. So I’m writing three times as fast here yea! If only I knew how to transfer this to the Notes folder on my phone so I can simply cut and paste into WordPress! God damn. Oh well I’ll keep checking it out. I had a good time this arvo. I drank a heap of wateer, than had rissole sandwiches for dinner. I’m very full now. I won’t worry about another meal till tomorrow now. I just wanna play with my computer for another few hours. I hardly ever play with the laptop so I figure it needs some time with me. Hahahahahahaha! So there you go.

I’m not doing anything this weekend. I really just want to sit on my arse and readbooks all weekend. I want to send more back next week if I can. It’ll be Christmas soon, so I don’t want to get too behind on book returns. It should work out. Besides reading books, I want to get a few discussions out of the road. Like, euthanasia. I’ve heard a lot of crap about it lately in one way or another. I have support workers who do not believe in it. They go so far ass to say that I don’t have to be resuscitated if I don’t want to, by signing a form. However, this is still a life-saving measure, becausse in not resuscitating me, I’d still need to be fed and given fluids/medications as necessary. What if, when I get old, I don’t want these things? What if I decided that one day, I’d like to retire to my bed and just make myself comfortable toill I die? Yet doctors and support workers don’t believe in it. I think they’re more interested in keeping me alive for their own benefit and best interest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still young, I don’t need to lie down and die today. I’m just saying that doctors have taken life support to such an extreme now, that people who’re suffering don’t get their wish, and people who aren’t suffering are lucky enough to keep living for longer. But why forget that suffering is something we don’t need to put up with? I also believe that if you’re in hospital, you should have the sole right to accept or refuse appropriate medicine, not the doctors. They should say that this illness, condition or injury, needs this and that medication or treatment, and why. And maybe at least have people trial different things. But after that, let them decide what is the case. I hate how doctors seem to think it’s ok to play God.

My next controversial topic I want out of the road, and please skip now if you’re offended, is is one’s right to choose to do whatever they wish to do with their life, so long as they’re not hurting anyone else. Too many people are busy controlling other people instead of taking control of their own liives. We need to just do whatever we feel like with no consideration of how anyone feels, since we’re not living other people’s life. We’re living our own life. So if I’m not hurting other people or affecting them negatively, why should I care how they think? Let’s say I drink every night. I don’t, but let’s pretend I do. I can then choose to use that as a licence to hurt and abuse others, or I cann keep to myself. So if I keep to myself, I’m not affecting anybody by drinking every night, and as much as I want. If I hurt myself in the process, why should anyone feel bad about that? It’s not as though I wake up one morning hoping I hurt myself by drinking too much. It’s simply the fact that I don’t care at the time, it feels goood when I drink, so when I do suffer for it later, then that’s for me to feel bad about, not you, sorry to say Hosay! You’re not the one hurting me, nor are you feeling my pain. so why should anyone feel bad if I drink too much, or do anything stupid, or have ten kids in five years, or whatever you want to think of? I don’t believe anybody in the world has the right to make up decisions for anyoen else, except of course if they’ve fallen over unconscious, and because you don’t know what they’re like, you automatically help them until they wake you up and say otherwise, be it nicely or nastily.

Next thing: Religious people pushing their fundamentals onto others! I dislike that very much. And, the next person who tries to push their attitude onto me, like who I can and cannot talk to, will get it from me. How dare they! I have a phone, I can speak to whomever I want, and whenever I want. And if I want to live with a person, I will, at no appology to anybody. Excuse me religious freaks, please stop playing God and deciding how I will and won’t run my life thank you. You don’t own me, so stop assuming you can own me. It’s the religious nuts in this world who’ll make the most campaigns and then backpeddle when they’re caught out and don’t want to admit that they’re wrong. I don’t respect religion because of how it teaches people how to disrespect others. People need to keep their religion to themselves until they can act how they preach, or they’ll be told to keep their mouth shut and stop being a hypocrite. I only like honestpeople anyway, since religious people lie to themselves by believing in something that’s not even real, then claim righteousness for themselves. What total liars. They’re honest my foot! People need to simply accept that nobody is holier than anyone else and live in the real world. Saying that it’s ok to make people suffer from terminal illness is a contradiction to what religion calls love, and saying one inute that God or whoever, wants us to live a holy life, while not allowing people to live happily, is also another contradiction.. Also, bossing people around and then saying that we should live how we want, is another way of lying and using religion as an excuse for your bad behaviour too.. How about practise what youpreach or admit thatyou’re not really that religious. And the last thing: Humans are made to live together, be it just friends, or life partners, so how dare anybody decide whether people may or may not live together! It’s not anybody’s job to decide that I will or will not befriend or live with somebody. Excuse me, mind your own business if you can’t be happy with my decisions I make about my relationships and friendships.


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