The best place is in the air-con

I’m in my room and my fluffy beast is with me. I’m dissolving a Diphlagm because my throat went bad when my cough wasn’t getting better. Luckily the lollies are working! I thought that by now i’d be getting a checkup, but my throat has decided to respond to this medicine without needing something stronger. So now all i’m concerned about is keeping away from the heat wave! I’ve got my carer at 1:30 so i’ll turn the air-conditioner off when it’s time to go so i won’t boil to death. I think i’ll take Troy with me because i don’t want him to get heat stroke. I’m just so glad the vet is happy with Troy’s health! I don’t want his health to be ruined now. If i nearly chucked a blackout yesterday after hearing that Troy would be lucky to live to sixteen, fuck knows how i’ll be when his age catches up with him! So i want to delay the mutt’s age for as long as humanly possible.

I’m feeling pretty good today. Yesterday i had a sore stomach all day. I ate a sandwich last night and took nurofen. I kept myself occupied with a book all arvo and chatted with a friend on the phone. After that i crashed, and i was able to eat cereal when i woke up. I still feel all right. I’ll be even better when i can put food in the cupboard and dog food in it’s place next to the fridge. If anyone needs money from me, they can wait. If they can’t wait, too bad so sad! I need to eat so i can pee and crap every day, let alone keep the lights on. People seem to forget that i don’t have a fucking job! So i’m keeping the money to myself, i’ll give pocket money away when i can afford it. I don’t care what anyone thinks, i need money as much as anybody. I’m gonna start lecturing again, and this time i’m gonna be God damn rude. I don’t have time for demanding mother-fuckers.πŸ˜”πŸ˜πŸ˜žπŸ˜°πŸ˜  I’ve fucking had it with people’s shit! I’m doing whatever i want with my life now, i’m not concerned if i appear selfish, it’s my choice what i do with my life.

I don’t even want to call my mother. I’m not ready to, and i shouldn’t have to be happy to talk to someone who doesn’t have compassion for anyone. It’s a bit late for Mum to cry for me, she should have thought of that shit last year. I’ll talk to her when i’m ready, just not today, or tomorrow or next week. I know my brother is trying to be as helpful as he possibly can. It’s just that he’s putting too much pressure on me and rushing things too much. I can see his point, but at the same time i can only do things when i’m comfortable. I don’t leave my comfort zone unless i really really have to. Anyway, Num has always been like that, she never cares till it’s too late! Even then, things can come back to normal for a week or even a month. But she inevitably adopts her stupid negative attitude, so when people turn away from her, she puts on her sucking up front until she gets the attension she wants. Well she’s not getting more attension from me unless she chooses to stop being an abusive fucking cow. I won’t do manipulation from anybody. She can manipulate whoever she wants, so long as she doesn’t manipulate me. Mum is a sucker and as much as i love her, i’m not about to fall for her tricks. Abuse a person long enough, and event you won’t get that person back in your life for a long time.


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