Horrible weather!

It has been boiling hot lately! I’ve been in my air-conditioned room most of the time. I bet i’m gonna have a mas’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’sive electricity bill in January, but i’d rather that than death from heat exhaustion! I’ve also been passing the time with reading half a dozen books for the past month. Since downloading the Kindle app weeks ago, i seriously can’t put the phone down! I’ve been right into the scifi and action/adventure stuff. I’ve kept myself out of the stinking heat till today. There’s only so much time in my room that i can tolerate before i need a bit more space, so right now i’m sitting at my dining room table. I’m sweating like a pig though. I’m definitely putting the AC on later. I won’t be going anywhere today, so entertaining myself with a few books won’t bother me in the slightest. The only thing i’m missing is the bottle of chocolate milk. I’ll buy it tomorrow if i can afford it.

I took Troy to the vet today. The vet said he was perfect! I’m really happy, i was soooooo worried that the vet would find something wrong and couldn’t be more relieved when the vet said he was all good! Troy won’t need the vet again till next year if all continues on the right track. Things are going well for me at this stage, so i’ll assume that Christmas will be super awesome this year! We’re doing the Secret Santa tradition again, and i love it! I gave my list of Christmas wishes to my cousin to pass on, but i have absolutely no idea what i’m getting! I want everything on the list, but according to this tradition, we can only buy one gift for our recipients. The thing i want most is a fish! I’ll buy it if i have to, but if someone buys it for me, i won’t have to save up for it! Cool, it means i can save up for a deep freezer and an Apple wireless keyboard! After that i’m putting money away so i know i’ll have enough money for next year’s vet appointment, and for my next future guide dog. I’m just so glad my life is better. To think i’d never get used to a touch pad and now i am!!!! The iphone course last week was sooooo insightful! I can use an iphone totally properly now! I’m fucking amazed! I swore to God i’d never buy an iphone, and now i’ve got one. I can edit documents and all sorts. The only thing i can’t do is download podcasts. I suppose i’ll work it out eventually. I’m standing in my carport now, while Troy gets his bath. That’s how good my phone is, i can write blogs anywhere. I’m so happy Troy is being bathed by a professional. I’m so sick of getting wet and i hate Troy trying to run off all the time! It’s only fifteen bucks a wash too! I’m booking him in for the next month. I can smell the scent of shampoo and other shit from here! Cool, that’s another thing ticked off my list. So my doctors and Troy’s vet are happy, Troy has finished his bath, he got a little container of treats, so i couldn’t be more elated! I know that ringing my Mum at some point will kill me a bit, so i’ll remind myself that what she says and does can’t control who i am, nor can the shit get me down for long. My brother insists that i call her, so i guess i’ll call her whenever i’m ready.

I just want a decent conversation with her. If we have the slightest hint of an argument, i’m hanging up. I am not tolerating any fucking shit. I feel as sick as just thinking about it, so i’ll just wait till the time comes. I don’t like Mum, but what the fuck else am i meant to do when i’m being begged to call her? Nan and Pop are just as God damn bad! They treat me like a fucken five-year-old!!! They embarrassed me so much yesterday!πŸ˜žπŸ˜”πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜’!! God i fucking can’t stand their shit! They’d rather jump up and down with excitement over how disabled i am and how i contribute very little to society, than look at the positive things in my life! I friggen hate you and your fuddy duddy Brady Bunch tribe!😠😁 I need to stop wasting my tears and breath on them. You can’t change people who don’t want to change. If Nan and Pop can’t accept that i’n an adult human being, then they can fuck themselves. If Mum starts on me, she can get fucked too! There’s only so much crap i can put up with. I’ve got nothing nice to say about my parents or their stupid friggen mob. I guess i should make myself happy with a book and a sandwich. And while i’m at it, i’ll remind myself that my grandparents’ opinion of me isn’t who i am, they choose to consider me as a useless person, i’m not responsible for their thoughts and actions. They can’t control my life.


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