I played with a few settings in my phone so i want to see how i go. I’m sick of hearing repeated characters all the time, like when i press a letter and voiceover announces what letter i’ve pressed and then the letter that has registered on the screen. How fucking annoying!!!!! So i changed the setting a bit, now i can type a lot faster without all the distraction! Hopefully i shouldn’t take as long to post blogs and send messages and all that now. I also want a lot less noise when i’m using my phone. Since i’m doing ok so far, i can’t be doing that bad. So i guess i can keep tapping away for a while! I’m tired but am having trouble sleeping at the moment. This flu still plays up on me but not as badly. It’s nothing Panadol can’t fix. I also have an ulcer on my tongue which doesn’t help matters. I think i just neeed a good sleep. Tomorrow i’ll be going into Vision Australia for the iPhone course. It’s the last session. It’s a pity i’ll be there half an hour late because of a stupid friggen crappy schedule, but since it can’t be helped, i’ll race upstairs and have as much fun as possible anyway. I’ve learnt so God damn much from the course! You could never habe guessed that i’d use an iPhone, much less navigate around and edit text documents!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 It is soooooooo fucking unbelievable!!!!

Nothing much has been happening of late. All i’ve been doing is reading every day. I’m totally crazy for SciFi and fantasy shit at the moment! I even told my aunty tonight that a Kindle would be good for her because she can get most books at affordable prices. I just can’t leave my phone alone now. It’s way more portable than a laptop. The weather has been fucking boiling too, so i haven’t gone anywhere. Troy would keel over for certain if i attempted a walk. So i’m just keeping the outings to destinations with air-con. Troy is doing fine so i’m not worried about anything for the time being.


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