Finally have something to write about

It’s been a couple of weeks since i’ve written a blog. I guess i’ve had writer’s block, and now i’m over it!☺️ I’m not happy about getting the flu though. I’m getting over it so i won’t complain. The other thing i won’t miss is my doctor visits! I nearly went crazy when the doctor told me on Friday last week that both eyes are good!!!😄😄😄😚 Any nausea i felt was suddenly gone, and i felt fine. I had Mackers for breaky and pies for lunch! It isn’t like me to eat take-out twice in one day, but when you’ve won a case against your neighbours and a doctor excitedly gives you the all-clear and gives you an easy-to-follow plan, partying is a bit hard to resist! I’m getting out there and doing everything now. A trip to Townsville every couple of years isn’t a bad deal really. I’d rather keep things in check than swallow a tube all the time!!!!! Life is just rosy now!😄 It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot easier.

I’ve been going to an iPhone training course for the past couple of weeks. It’s really good. Honestly, it is so much fucken easier to use my phone! I’ve been able to edit this blog as i go along. I’m able to use the touchpad a lot better than i used to, i can even type faster! I didn’t think i’d ever get used to a touch screen, but apparently you can get used to anything if you put up with whatever it is, for long enough. The next training seminar is next Monday, and it’s the last one for the course. I’m so glad i can attend them all. I wouldn’t be writing this tonight had it not been for the extra bit of training. I definitely need an Apple keyboard to assist me a bit, but if i can write with a touch pad pretty good at this stage, then i’m doing fairly good! At least i know i can do without a wireless keyboard if i absolutely must. All that said, i’m gonna end my entry here and continue with another one tomorrow. I need my sleep!


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