Haven’t written in here for a while…

I want to write before I go to sleep. I wrote a blog entry this arvo and wanted to edit it, but when I saved it into this laptop, the work deleted. I don’t know why the fuck that is. I hate this computer, I want to throw it in the bin and just buy a new laptop when I can afford it. So I’ll write this entry again. Stacey showed up last week. I’m glad she’s here because we like to chitchat for hours and hours about everything. But tonight I’m letting everything get to me. I’m sorting things out with the phone so I can just type blogs on there. I know it’ll take longer for me to type a blog, but yeah, so long as I can type blogs, that’s better than not typing at all. I got rid of the WordPress app so I can use the blog through Safari now, it works better that way. The nexxt time I make a blog, it’ll be from my phone. My laptop is fucking useless. It needs replacing, but I can replace it whenever I’m ready. All I care about now is my sanity at the moment. I want some money but I’m too frigging busy letting it go to people who don’t actually need it. I need the money, but like every other disabled person, financial assistance would be too hard to forget because of some fuckhead Government which thinks that disabled people should starve and die out while everyone else has a good time. Good luck to them! They clearly don’t have disabilitiess do they? All this crap about not believing in disability discrimination is total fucking hogwash to me.

Stress is getting to me lately. Me and Stacey have conversations which sometimes I hate so much. I like chatting about whatever we think of, but I don’t have to accept everything I hear, and I won’t. I hate cooking so badly, but since I can do frozen vegies, I cook stir-fries all the time. They’re gonna get fucking boring after a while and I’m gonna develop anorexia because I can’t make new foods that I want. If I have to have the same food each night, I’m so going to starve myself to death. I hate that, but I also hate the monotnous fucking meals. Hopefully I can keep money side for Sushi eavery day. It tastes better than most of my meals. I like my stir-fries, but I don’t do eating the same meal every day. I want life and food to have a good variety in it. That’s where pedicures are so helpful. I got a pedicure done on Friday, and I was happy to have my feet sorted again for the month. The ladies had to give my left knee a quick clean though because a bad graze that I got from tripping over like an old woman last week, was getting infected. I’m getting to be a very old bag even though I’m only young still. I’m starting to hate how my body is getting old even though I’m not even thirty yet. Hopefully the pedicures will keep me from getting old so soon. I find them relaxing.

I bought some stuff from the shops this arvo. When I get money on Tuesday I’m gonna get a lot of soft drink and a lot of meat so I have food to last a while. I want some steak because some nights I do like my meat and steamed vegies. Stacey hates mashed vegies, but seriously I love them so much I don’t care if I eat them every fucking night. I love ’em. I can’t eat enough of mashed vege and meat of whatever sort. It’s wonderful to me. Bring it on! I want steamed vegies most nights. I’ll write more tomorrow, I’m tired. I haven’t written in here for just over two weeks, so I’ll make sure to add to this entry because there’s more I want to write about. Just not tonight.


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