I figure I’d write an entry before getting a cab to the shops. I woke up early, and the heat was already starting to come in. That’s sad! It’s fairly cool inside, but when you go out, it’s hot. I think summer is bad, but when it’s deceptive, it’s ugly! I can’t wait for summer to end already even though it hasn’t even started. That’s how much I hate it! I honestly wish summer had never existed.

I’m gonna have nothing to do with a few people soon. I want to live my life however I please, and with the rate I”m going, there won’t be many friends if they aren’t willing to accept me for who Iam, shortcomings and all. Don’t tell me how to change my ways. Tell me you don’t lie meand leave me alone. I don’t have to be someone other than me for nobody. There has to be some kindness somewhere of course, but I ain’t about to conform to someone else’s ideals. I’m grown up now. I make my own choices now.


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