Second entry

I was trying to write a blog on my phone when it totally died on me! I was trying to say that I was having a good day, had made lunch and was eating peacefully and was expecting no trouble, when I got a call from my fuckhead grandfather. He told me that he was told by someone who was told by another person, that I had written a status saying my aunty ad died. Ah, thanks a fucking lot! I knew she was gonna die, but I didn’t know when, so knowing I’d never see her again, I wrote that status. So I got up hiim for blaming me for doing nothing wrong. He reckons I shouldn’t have written the post, so I told him that he wasn’t welcome to speak to me again. I then said goodbye. I also had told the bastard of a man, that denying that he’s ever argued with people, isn’t getting him or e anywhere. He’s a c$nt. I’ve got nothing nice to say about him. I’m getting over it though, I blocked his phone number in the caller-ID settings. I’ve fucking had enough of him. I told my cousin so she knows what’s happening. I can’t tolerate family trouble like this, and I made sure she knew where I stood with this, so if anything happens she’ll know that I mean what I say when I tell her and everyone else, that if Pop tries anything more with me, he’ll be getting it from me. My grandparents don’t listen to anything other people have to say. They’re fucking hypocrites, is what they are. So I’m moving on from their shit and now that their number is blocked, I won’t worry. And I deleted a few people who don’t deserve to be on my profile. I’ll be making a cuppa soon, and then I’ll just chill out. I have O and M tomorrow, so with that and tomorrow night’s event, my day should be rather productive. It’s really hot now, so I still haven’t walked anywhere.

I’ve got no plans for the rest of the week. All I want to do is hide from this hot weather before it kills me. I can’t stand the shit. I think I might sleep in the air-conditioning tonight. It gets cool at night but only for a short while. The mornings used to be fairly cool, but now when I wake up, it’s boiling hot even though it’s early enough that the sun shouldn’t be blazing yet, even though it has decided to start baking the earth at 7 am most days! Stupid bloody summer! I can’t afford taxi trips around town at any time anymore. Not with the critical state of my bank account. It’ll get better if I just take money from it once a week and don’t touch it unless I need to. So I think I’ll do this from now on. I’ll try to create a routine where I’m only paying for stuff in cash most of the time. It means once it’s used up, that’s it. It used to work out better for me, so I think I’ll start my old habits again. The money in the account can sit there till there’s enough for a deep freezer and a new laptop. I’ve gotta chuck a bit of money into my Aunty’s birthday present fund, but that’s fine. She needs to be spoiled once a year! People put their money aside for me. I can be fair when it comes to events, but so long as at other times, I can save it. Don’t forget I need to live too. I know what I’ll be doing net week. I’ll be planning a trip into Vision Australia on the community bus so I only have to pay $3 each way! That will be excellent. It may not work out, but I’ll see how it goes, and how Stacey is on that day. I know she wants to plan things day by day, but I’m also gonna have to plan ahead just for a couple of things where catching up with others or having to get public transport is concerned. I’ll work it all out next week. I’m definitely gonna talk her into eating a heap of vegies here, she’ll need them because the heat takes all the energy out of you and I find that the more vegies I eat, the better I feel energy wise. I know every single thing can’t be cured, but I’m sure my cooking which is actually decent now, will help her out a whole lot! I sooooooo can’t wait.

Troy is doing great! No vomiting for weeks now. He’s hot as can be, but that’s the fucking stupid weather here. Besides that he’s fine. My friend constantly asks about Troy, and I have to keep reminding him that there’s nothing to worry about with my dog at the moment seriously! Everything is just fine! Troy needs a checkup, but how the fuck I’m gonna get the money for that I don’t know. It’s already halfway through October and I still haven’t booked him in. Oh well, I’m gonna book him in, in a couple of weeks. He needs a checkup to make sure he’s good to go for another six months. I just need enough money to foot the bill. I sorted his paws out months ago, so I’m sure he’ll be right till next year. I’m just scared to shit about the vet finding unexpected lumps on him or something of the like. I can’t handle hearing bad news about me or the dog. I’d better fucking hear good news in November when I go to the hospital or I’ll chuck up and have a heart attack. And hopefully I won’t be able to talk for a week so I won’t make anybody deaf with how loud I’ll want to scream out of pure rage. So Troy should be considered perfect, and so should I, because I don’t want any fucking more shit in my life. I want this year to end smoothly, I want Christmas to be a good occasion, and I want to be filled with merriment this time. Last year I was happy, but not totally joyous. I was going through the motions of partying, but this year I shall definitely chuck a party! I want Christmas to be really good, not just something you wish was good. Last year was nice, it would have been a whole lot nicer had I not been drugged and in Zombie Land all the time. Everything will be fine this year! Things will be just right.


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