I’m at Jill’s place. I tried sending an email to this site from my phone a few nights ago, but I don’t think it worked. So anyway, I’ll write an entrry now. Lately I’ve been doing all right. I haven’t been cooking as much, so I’m doing a lot better when I don’t have to drain my energy on cooking food and fucking it upp. I spend near on fifty dollars to get a taxi and a few day’s worth of food, but too bad. I prefer not to cook so much. I gave half a piece of steak to the dog because it was a bit mauled after I cut the damn thing in half. But the bit I cooked was all right! I steamed some vegies to go with it. Yum’m’m’m’m’m’m’m’m’m! I decided to make onion gravy to go with the steak and it was absolutely wonderful. I fried the onion while the steak finished cooking, then when it was cooked enough, I tipped a prepared cup of gravy into the pan. Man it was nice. I’d do this again, but not tomorrow. Then when I came over and put my iPhone on the recharger through my laptop, I chitchatted with people for nearly two hours whilst playing with Facebook, then I was fed, my second meal! I said thanks for my second feed, it was chicken wings and rice which wasn’t over-cooked. It was way better than my cooking, so I proceeded to tell people how I fail at cooking, and where I manage to do well with it. So I told them to cook chicken wings in the slow cooker, that’s something I can do well. So I told my Aunty and cousin not to cover the chicken, or the rest of whatever food they put in there. If they did, from what I’ve discovered, the food produces more steam which creates more moisture, which creates more fluid volume. It means that chicken that has just been covered with water, will turn into a half pot of shit by the end of the cooking process! So as much as people think that two cups of water by the measure isn’t enough, it actually is. That measure of two cups of fluid doubles by the time cooking is over. I will never roast a chook though. Not ever! Today when I got my piping hot chook home and got some prepared for my lunch, it tasted like God had just magically sent it from heaven to me. It was reeeeeeeally yummy. Lately I haven’t been able to consume enough chicken, I just have to eat more and more of it. Forget the fucking protein shakes! They’re yuck. Chicken, other meat, eggs, and stuff with protein, is good enough, and way better.

I’ve been up late for a few nights in a row. As much as chatting to people who I’ve only met on Facebook for two to three hours at a time, every time I ring or they ring me, doesn’t help with sleeping much, I still would blame staying up to insomnia, because if I’m not talking to this person, I’m awake tossing and turning, or laying there having an uneasy slumber until I eventually crash and wake up tired every fucking morning. I could easily drink camomile tea, but that’s the thing! It’s too hot now. If I drink a hot drink and stay awake, that’s easy because I can move about and stay cool. But if I drink a hot beverage and lie down, I feel really hot and bothered, and just plain uncomfortable. So camomile tea is out of the question till next winter. So I don’t know what else I’m going to do about this insomnia. I could take herbal sleep medicine, but then I may have to interrupt that for surgery down the track, knowing my lovely medical history. So I’ll just stick to waiting for the small fires to turn into big ugly ones, then I’ll do something… I guess. So, I’ll see how I go and will update on my progress in the next month. So yeah, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Talking to my best friends all night doesn’t work, but neither does lying around tossing and turning, only to find myself sleeping the mornings away anyway. Getting up early is the worst. I hate getting up early even if I sleep well. I have to sleep through the morning even if I’m not tired. I could do the restrictive sleeping program where you go to bed at the same time every night. But I’m not a creature of habit, and I won’t do restricting my life in any way, shape or form. For medical stuff, yes. But not for just my general lifestyle. I need to sleep when I’m ready, not when I think that because it’s nine o’clock, I suddenly need sleep. I don’t work that way and I never will. I sleep based on how tired I am, not on what time of day it is. Mind you, waking up could be treated differently, since you have to get up during the day! You can’t just lie around all day and all night. So I guess I could restrict myself to waking up every day at the same time. Again, I’ll see what happens with that. I have alarms set on my phone now so if I need to set them, I can just select them from the menu and they’re ready to go. One alarm is just for waking up at 6:30 am because that’s when I’d need to be up to start my day earlier if I want to go for a walk or just get out of the habit of sleeping until nine or ten. The other alarm is set so I know to wake up earlier that day to get ready for O and M. I may just set up a whole list of different alarms so I know what I’m waking up for, every time it goes off! That’s a bbit extreme, but reminders and beepers at every corner works really well for me. I find my phone useful because I can use it as a medicine chart, general alarm clock, timer, etc, much more than I could do with the old phone.


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