It’s boiling hot today! What’s worse is that i don’t have much money for taxis so i have to get by in any way i can. The fact that Vision AU staff found my phone makes it worse still. Oh well, i’ll just keep my other phone as a spare gthen hey? I was gonna get an iphone eventually, just not so suddenly. It’s ok though, i’ll get used to this phone. I’m starting to get used to the touchpad so i guess it can’t be the end of the worldhaha! I’m soooooooooo happy i don’t need my poxy computer to write blogs anymore. I also hate how you have to press buttons a million times just to fucking write! Llolololololol! So yeah, i can say that my new phone is way better.

The birds are chirping outside, and it’s so peaceful at the moment. I reckon that’s how life is meant to be. All the stress that people put on themselves is unbelievable. I can’t understand why people won’t accept that life does’nt have to be difficult. Oh well that!’s their choice. Besides that i’m not doing too bad. Hopefully my old phone will still work so i can transfer my contacts over. That will make my life a lot easier.


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