I’ve sorted a few things out regarding Troy. For the past two days I’ve had him leashed so he can still move around, but he can onlly get to his water and food bowl when I feed him and let him have a drink. I’ve just allowed him off his leash a couple of hours ago, but he’s not allowed in my bedroom anymore. If my bedroom door is open, Troy is tied up out here. If the door is closed, I first make sure Troy can’t get into anything or chew electrical cords, etc. I also close the bathroom. During the day, if I can’t supervise Troy, I do exactly the same thing, even if I’m outside. It means he doesn’t always have to be on leash, but he can’t be destructive anymore. As for exercise, I’ve been fighting with the GDQ instructors for a while over it. I can understand they don’t want me getting lost. I can understand that it takes a year to settle in to a new area.Give and take I had a few eye operations to get through. But, it does not take a year to get some exercise routes happening! So I’m very angry over this at the moment. One day I may think about changing guide dog schools, I don’t know. For one, new instructors could be trained for Guide Dogs QLD by the time I think of changing schools, and the changeof staff may turn out for the better. Until then, I’ll focus on now, and how to help Troy remain a well-behaved, pleasant companion and good guide dog to be around. At the end of the day he’s just a dog and I need to keep everything in line with this behaviour too. It’s just not like him to want to chew books and try to find whatever he can in my place to destroy, had I not quickly restricted Troy the other day, for the past two days. Troy even knows I don’t trust him anymore, so if he gets the hint for long enough, and believe me it’ll be a very very long time! Then he might consider trying to be the trustworthy, house dog that he used to be. I don’t muck around when doling out consequences to anyone. I just say what I’m going to do, and do it. The dog damn well knows it because he’s doing everything I want himm to do at the moment. When a support worker came around today, he got excited but didn’t totally lose the plot. So my dog is learning! I think it helped that the support worker doesn’t like dogs, so she didn’t want to pay much attention to him. She wanted to know that he’s friendly and all that. He didn’t come out with me today either. If he’s gonna act up out of boredom in ways that he has never exhibited previously, then I consider this testy behaviour and will not have him hanging out with me until he can find a less distructive way of getting rid of boredom, such as coming over to me all the time, or walking to the front or back door a dn watching the world go by, or something. He doesn’t need to do bad things to let me know he’s bored. That’s just plain naughty, and naughty dogs don’t get my company. This is a cruel measure, but he gets fed, taken outside, given water, obedience exercises, such as sitting at the door, working for his meals etc. He’s just very very restricted in his priveleges at the moment, slowly getting them back one by one, when I see that he’s not being unruly. As soon as Troy pushes me just a little, bang! Back to square one at the drop of a hat. Things will take a good three months to get back to normal with Troy being a good house dog, but things are progressing forwards rather than backwards at the moment. I’m sure Troy will regress at some point, but now I know what he can be like when he thinks I’m not around to punish him by taking away priveleges, I’ll expect trouble and will deal with it right away.

I bought a new set of headphones today. They’re working just fine! I can listen to music, play games etc! There’s even a mic on it, so that’s a bonus! This headset has a USB cable instead of a jack, which means I won’t break them again, let alone the fact that the stupid connection in the laptop is broken anyway. Oh well, not to worry. After that I went back to a Coles supermarket and got some vegies. I’m gonna cook sausages in the slow cooker tomorrow night. Sausages and vegies is what I’m gonna cook. I’ve got a caserole packet mix to go with it, so it should be interesting to know how the dish turns out by the time I turn the crockpot off tomorrow night! I’m sick of cooking quick meals that takes effort to prepare. It’s really doing my head in. All I need to do is cut the vegies in the morning and put them and the sausages with the mix in the pot, and I should be ready to chill out, do housework, whatever. I like not having to worry about a good meal while it cooks itself. I also bought a bottle of wine to have a bit of a drink tonight so I’ll chill out for a while and then crash, ready to get up tomorrow. I’m still getting over things that Stacey told me, so a good drink will relax me and let all my sorrows die away so I can sleep good.. I can’t handle knowing that my friends are affected by bad stuff at the moment. It’s worse when you know other people who’ve been affected. Oh well. I guess life just goes on for everyone. I don’t really care, I’m just going to plod along at my own pace.


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