A good start to my birthday… Luckily!

Oh my goodness! What a day yesterday and the night just before it was. My cold turned into the most aggressive stomach bug thing you could get, as well as the rest of the cold symptoms. I pretty much took whatever tablets that were in my cupboard, just to stay comfortable. I think anti-nausea tablets are a waste of time though, one tablet makes you stop spewing up, but as soon as you try to eat, that feeling comes back again as though you’d never taken it. So I got rid of them because even though I stopped myself from vomiting before it started, I still couldn’t eat much. I may as well have done the old-school thing and just starved myself, that way I would have only spewed up a little bit here and there. I hate chucking up, and I hate feeling like it even though I had taken a nausea pill. So they’re in the bin. I’ve survived without them all these years except for in April when II really needed them so I wouldn’t spew up even without food. Man that was a nightmare, and I reckon still a waste of money… But anyway, I’ve survived without nausea tablets for years. So I’m going to do the old-school way next time, which works better in my book. Honest to God though, I didn’t want to run out of strong pain relievers, they’re soooooo nice! I wish I had more of them. But no, the doctors think they are God, so they can say whatever they want and decide whether I should take Tramadol or not. Well fuck them. It’s not like I take pain medication recreationally. I take it when I’m not coping with my situation, and I don’t know many people who enjoy feeling extremely ill and painful from whatever bug is at them.

Oh well I’m halfway over my bug thing now, I had a condensed milk sandwich half an hour ago and I haven’t spewed that up yet. I don’t feel that sick either. I did take four nurofens with two Panadols which I think helped a bit, but still I didn’t know if it’d be enough to help me eat properly. All I can say is that nurofen and Panamax is better than a nausea tablet by a longshot. Nausea pills just make you feel like shit and like throwing up even more anyway, even if you don’t do it, then if you eat you could still spew if you’re not careful. What a waste of medicine when there’s other stuff out there that works better! Oh well I’m pretty much sorted for the day. I put a whole chicken in my crockpot and it should be ready by some time this arvo. I don’t know what everyone is having for tea, but if they want me to choose, I’m going with bringing my cooked chook around to them. Mind you it may not be big enough. Those kids eat way too much for their age, let’s just say that. If I had two kids and a whole family to feed, I swear to God they’d get a chicken leg and a bit of breast meat each, with a small amount of extras to choose from. The adults would eat their fair share, but everyone would eat their plate of food before helping themselves to more, and the kids would always go last. And I mean always. My other option would be to get the children their dinner, place them at a different seating arrangement, and we’d eat our fair amount of food. The kids don’t need all that much, and if they did, we’d be preparing a feast at Christmas or their birthdays or some occasion like that. The kids wouldn’t just eat their hearts out whenever they felt like. That’s why there’s so many fucking fat pigs in this world these days.


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