God damn it!

Flashbacks. Panic. When will it go away. It gets to me more when I read CB sstories of people who’re coming back from the brink and need years of rehabilitation. Most of the people don’t have full recoveries no matter how much therapy they do. But there’s other people who do well and then deteriorate to the point of death or being a vegetable. Sad! Then, there’s the shit that happened to me last year which caused me to crack it at the doctors a few times ever since then. Too late, the mental damage is done so thank God my physical health is fine. I may feel sick and fearful and short of breath at times from freaking over things, but other than that I’m physically fine other than the psychological problems. They’re not totally ruining my life, they’re just annoying and uncomfortable. Could be worse and glad it’s not. The doctors are sorry though that’s the main thing. Life is mostly good.


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