My dog has the worst case of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome that I know of

Well, the title says it all. I wake up, Troy walks out of my room, and conveniently vomits next to my coutch so I have to step in it! Plus the rest of the house, for some unknown reason, had dry flakes of sorts on the floor, like dirt or something. Good boy. I hope vomiting is a good game to play, because I certainly do not like it. So, I mopped the floor with Pinoclean, and then with Ajacks after the floor dried a bit. The vomit smell isn’t there anymore, but that lovely, ceaning product smell is, and I love it! The doctors won’t have a hard time making me smile when I see them in a few months, since I’d rather smell disinfectant than spew any day. The other thing I did was give Troy a good rinse off with fresh water. I didn’t care if he whinged, wriggled, whatever. He was fucking getting rinsed with water no matter how cold it was or how annoyed he got with me. I also cleaned out his mouth too, to his great displeasure. Good luck. I want a healthy dog, not a sick, vomit-for-no-reason, dog. I’m also going to brush all the furballs of him more often. I bet he swallows them every day, hoping that one day the floor will be extra clean and he can throw them up because he knows I’ll clean the floor again. But, he waits for the floor to be very clean before he does it. That’s good. Well, I’m not putting up with Troy feeling good the way he does anymore, inside my clean house. I knew that dogs were trained well, but I also knew for a long time, that dogs never learned how to be clean animals. Ever. They’re very simple-minded creatures, contrary to popular belief. In fact they’re so simple tha the only thing they know is not to soil their sleeping quarters. But even that is learned as a puppy. So apart from the instinct to work out that vomiting, peeing, and pooping on yourself isn’t very nice, dogs don’t actually know anything else. They either feel good or they feel bad, and they act accordingly. They only go to the toilet on grass because they feel good that we won’t expect anything different from them, and they’d rather poop and pee outside than get into trouble. To them, toilet routines are just that, no matter where they are. Same with everything else in a dog’s life. If it feels good, it wants to repeat the experience. If they feel bad, they won’t. They’ll also go with what’s easiest for them to do. If they had to choices to make, they’d first choose the best experience, than the easiest choice, then make a decision based on that. This is what Troy has taught me over the past six years. And in summary, I have learned that he is a very, very very fucking stupid animal. He is just very mouldable and pliable as a creature which can be trained easily. That is why he’s a guide dog. It’s nothing to do with intelligence or how smart a dog is. It’s all got to do with how good and easy yoou make it appear for the dog. Other than that, they’re very fucking stupid. If you took a one-year-old kid and a dog and put them together, you’d have two beings at the same level of intelligence. And that is not very high.

Besides Troy playing doctors and nurses with me today, he’s doing fine. He’s actually quite all right. He just does things because it’s convenient for him to make the house smell like dog. Well, he’s living in my house. He will put up with my human smell or frig off. I didn’t get the dog for it to control my life, as much as I love him to death. So he’s fine. The other fucking dogs aren’t, barking their heads off all the time clearly indicates a problem that the jerks who own them, aren’t willing to address. Well if people aren’t willing to look after their dogs, they shouldn’t have them. And I’d say the same about people with kids. I can’t believe they use kids to get attention, more money etc. Kids are made for loving and human relationships. They’re not made to buy life. Fuck this world aye! I’m also finding it a problem that I ahve to take my cane to the shops while I’ve got Troy. Oh well. I can use it on people who deserve to be smacked when they go after me or the dog. Anyway, I have to use the cane in very cluttered areas, or if I want to find a table and Troy isn’t being helpful. What that’s telling me is that I shouldn’t have a dog. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Believe me, when Troy goes, I’m staying home all the time and I won’t go anywhere except with family and friends. And I’ll be so bad that I won’t even catch a bus to go anywhere, the people will have to pick me up from home, or miss out on my company. I will oonly use my cane around other cane users too. No cane users with me, no using my cane. I only use my cane now just so I can keep the guide dog. I don’t use my cane for any other reason. Look, the only reason I can get around on my own now is because of training and repeatedly having to do the same travel routes over and over so I can remember them. I physically can’t get around by myself without someone teaching me that if I put my right foot in front of my left, I won’t fall under a moving car, or off a cliff. Even with my cane, I can’t put my left foot in front of the other in unfamiliar environments without being trained to navigate around. Orientation is actually a lot more involved than just learning how to walk down the street.


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