A new day

I’m doing all right. I had O and M this morning, which I think I did ok with. Troy tried his sneaky toilet habits again, but we found a toilet spot and he finished his nature call. He’s turning into a pig of a dog the older he gets. I can’t say it’s entirely his fault or my fault though. Over the years, no matter how good dry dog food seems to be when I change over from ones that cause bad issues, I still find problems with the food. If he’s not vomiting and acting lethargic or way too hyperactive, his toilet routine is fucked. I can never win. So I’m doing research into a new diet which has been on the market for four years. It’s called Leading Raw, and is basically ground bones, minced meat and animal parts, and vegetables that are safe for dogs. It comes in boxes with frozen patties in blister packs. I haven’t bought any yet, but I’m sorting things out so I can start buying it. Everything needs a toilet break. But if even good food like Royal Cannon, which is actually doing ok for Troy in general – is still causing some hassles even if minor, than it can’t be that good. Like, if I was having to go to the toilet all the time and inconsistently so that I wouldn’t know when I’d need to go next, I’d be changing my diet very fast, or going to the doctors, or both. So I think it’s about time Troy had a food change for the better. Every dgo from Guide Dogs Queensland is on this diet, which means my next guide dog will be on it. so I’d rather get used to it now while I have Troy, so hopefully his body will function better in general. I’m happy with finding a toilet spot whenever I go out, but Troy shouldn’t need to have a poop at every single toilet break. I think that shows that his food isn’t going through him properly. Royal Cannon may not be causing severe health issues, but it is a dry dog food, and it is basically like all the others that he’s had in that his stomach wants to digest it and be done with it. That shouldn’t be. It should be a pleasure to eat and to go out and have fun and not worry about when you might need to quickly pull up or you’ll be too uncomfortable. I want that to stop. Plus dogs need meat, not dried fat and grain and such, with just a small amount of dried meat. That’s not a healthy diet at all, no matter how many nutrients are put into the biscuits. Oh well, I’ll sort it out. Troy should be fine!

Besides those teething problems, O and M went all right. I’m getting my way around the shopping centre a fair bit, so that’s good for me. When I’m with friends I’ll just learn how to get around better and get my O and M instructor to see what I’m up to so she can fix any mistakes. It’s not like I always go to the shopping centres on my own anyway. After I came home I just veged out for a while then had lunch. I’m chilling out again before going for a walk later. I’m getting Troy some fresh bones. He loves them. I’m sure if I keep feeding them to him, the vet won’t need to clean his teeth ever. Maybe with the occasional ssurgeries they’ll clean his teeth out of curtesy, but that will be it. I don’t see why they should be like that though. I don’t get my teeth cleaned when I’m knocked out! Too bad if we’re different to dogs, we shouldn’t be treating a dog how we don’t treat ourselves, with the exception of food of course because they have different digestive systems to us. As for everything else, if you won’t spoil me, then don’t spoil my dog. I’ll see what money I can spend today. It definitely won’t be much. I’m actually trying to save up as much as possible now. I’m basically gettinng what I need for me and Troy to survive, and that’s it. No more luxurious outings, no more luxurious take-aways and accessories except for special occasions. At least till I save up a bit more then I can splurge a bit. I’m getting really unhealthy with this luxurious lifestyle anyway. It’s not how I want to be. I can buy cappuccinos here and there for sure. But Subway and sandwiches will be my only two options for eating out for the next two or three months. And I’m definitely getting that deep freezer so I can store my food better, and so I can sort out Troy’s diet properly. And I can save money for myself. I think moving to Cairns has created an opportunity for millions of positive changes. Leaving Cairns was the biggest mistake I ever made, and now that I’ve moved over here, I won’t ever look back.


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