30 July, 2013 08:45

I got up a bit earlier today. It’s really cold outside so I’m not doing much. I want to go for a walk soon, but I have no idea when. I seriously need to walk more often than I do. At least I have a working fridge till I get my fridge fixed, so I can put food in the fridge and not buy take-aways. I have to buy things for my dog on Friday, so I’d rather not spend more money than necessary. I’m definitely going to Brisbane next year even if I have to go in the holidays or wait for a work break, if I have a job by then. I won’t be taking time off work though. It’d have to be a long weekend or just about holiday time for me to take the Friday off, or the rest of that week off if work were to finish early in the week. I probably won’t have a job by then, so it’ll be easier to plan my holiday. Guide Dogs is going to eventually change Troy’s diet to Leading Raw, so how the hell I’m going to take the frozen stuff on the plane and quickly get it transferred to another freezer on time, I don’t know. Personally I think dry dog food is better, but anyway we’ll see what happens when we cross that bridge. Raw foods are obviously better for animals, but kibble is more portable.

I’ve written some notes in my phone about CaringBridge. I love reading the updates, but when I continually get heartbroken over all the distress I find out about, it tells me that it’s time to take a break from the site for a while. So I set parameters for when I can read the site again, my favourite ones being page numbers that are created as more journal entries are written, and dates for future reference. I like the page numbers parameeter better though because if the site really does get updated with bad news, I must read it straight away. Same if there’s good news. But if there’s just the general sort of stuff happening, I like to wait till there’s something major good or bad, then read all the entries from where I currently leave off, to the latest one. That way I’m not constantly on edge all day and every day, waiting for news that I really want to hear or would hope to never hear. I love supporting the bloggers who faithfully write and stick by their sites through thick and thin, to make sure everyone is informed and knows what to expect from friends and loved ones. I just need to take myself out of the firing line as you’d say it, for a while. I feel reeeeeeally bad for the people who can’t just take a break when they want though. They’re in that reality every day and yet I can just hide from it when I want, but they can’t it’s very sad.

Troy is happy and well. His training is going really good. He’s not getting sick all the time anymore. I hope this new raw food diet will be as good as Guide Dogs say it is, I don’t want to change him over and have him get sick on me! If anything goes wrong I’m going straight back to Royal Cannon. Even though that kibble does a lot of good for Troy, it makes me wonder exactly how healthy it is for him. If I feed him exactly two cups a day, he gets really skkinny. If I give him three cups a day, he’s fine, but he then needs a lot of toilet breaks. It’s a bit like, we need toilet breaks too, but do you see me having to go to the loo for a number two exactly three times every day? Even twice a day is a bit much for having to go each day. If Troy went for a number two once a day and twice on some days, I’d be ok with that. That’s a normal day time thing for most animals. I’m hoping that this raw food diet will make Troy’s toilet routine better. I heard that dry dog food is baked at high temperatures and most of the goodness is stripped from the biscuits, and there’s a lot of fillers int hem. I’m thinking that explains his toilet habits. Jesus, if I was eating very baked food each day I’d shit a lot too! So yeah, maybe I will try this raw diet. One food patty in the morning and one at night would be fine for troy. Just pray that he doesn’t get too skinny! I love walking as much as the dog does, so if anything happens I’m consulting the vet at whatever expense. I want Troy to be both healthy and active. This is leading me to another one of my lectures.

People carry on like pork chops about how their dogs are too fat and have all sorts of health issues. Well, I wonder who’s fault that would be? First let’s talk about weight issues. Um, maybe people need to feed the dogs better, or less food if they’re feeding poor quality foods or too much food, to their dogs. That’s not hard to work out. And as for the health issues, don’t blame the pet suppliers for the problems. It’s your fault! You choose to feed the dog. So change the frigging diet or don’t complain. And change how you treat the dog, or get rid of the dog. If you got good food and treated the dogs well and the pet supplier convinces you tu do something or feed something to the dog and it gets sick or injured, then blame them because you didn’t know at the time. Otherwise, shut your mouth and do something about your dog’s problems. I can’t be any clear than that. Andd the next person who says that their dog could never be as well-trained as mine, is gonna get the can-do attitude from me. Of course it can be just as well-trained! The people who say their dog can’t be that good, simply do not want to put any effort into teaching the dog properly, so they just make up excuses to justify themselves. Some people genuinely have no idea how to train a dog. But most people tell me that they couldn’t get their dog to do good tricks like my dog, because they don’t want to accept or admit that their lack of effort is causing their issues. I know one person who’s dog has some health problems to deal with. But when she complains, she also does stuff to try to fix the dog’s issues and then takes it to the vet if what she does isn’t working. Ok, so those people who complain are all right because they’re getting nowhere with their issues so they need to complain to feel better, but in the meantime they’re still working out what to do next. Everyone else on the other hand, needs to flaming do something and then continue their whinges till they’re over the crap, or zip it. I know I sould fanatical now, but lately I’ve been telling people that it’s how the dog is trained and treated when they compliment me on how well the dog is doing. Sure the dog may just be a healthy creature and isn’t sick and what not. But if the person isn’t keeping the dog’s exercise routine in shape and it’s diet and all that, in good nick, then the dog will just fuck up eventually. And all these labs who get hip and elbow problems! That’s partly the breed and partly the person’s fault to me. I think if you look after a labrador very well, the problems associated with that breed won’t happen at all in most labs. And don’t tell me that this is just my opinion. Labradors are hard to look after, which is exactly why I’m so insistent on having people look after them properly. They’re not a hardy breed like a cattle dog. Even cattle dogs have their weak points and faults. But anyway, if you don’t look after a labrador properly, that’s it. Pain, suffering, put to sleep. If you want a labrador, don’t get one for children unless you want to be responsible for supervising the kids around them and vice versa, all day and all night. Labs are more suited to people who like exercise and who know how to train most dogs. And I’d even go as far as to say that just because you can train a dog doesn’t mean a labrador would suit you. You have to treat it like any dog but with more of a delicate touch because for some reason, people didn’t consider their fucking bone structure. They can’t be too skinny like a whippet, they can’t be fat like a beagle. Their teeth are something shocking too. They need stuff that they can get their mouths around and chew really well so they can clean their teeth properly. They’re not just the leave-in-the-backyard-breed. If you want a dog that can handle being neglected every day, get a fucking different breed for God’s sake.


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