A few blindness woes but hopefully I won’t wreck tonight’s dinner

I woke up refreshed today. I’m still a bit crook, but I’m getting better every day. It was probably a bug, but I’m certain that bug came from the food I ate the other night wwhen I bought Thai food. I will never go to that shop again. You don’t feel fine when you’re eating and then wake up sick and say it was nothing to do with that food. Especially when I started feeling off colour a few hours after I ate and attributed that to being way over-full. It just doesn’t happen like that. When you eat fresh food you can still get sick with whatever bug is going around, but it’s a fluke if you come down with something hours afftereating good food. You’d havve to be already getting sick and not knowing it other than feeling a bit run down. Well, I was feeling fine. I was tired after my day of amusing myself, but tired to me doesn’t mean getting sick. I told my carer yesterday so she’s sorting that one out. Just because their food is hot doesn’t mean it’s fresh. I don’t know what every rotten meal is meant to taste like, so I only find out when it’s too late. I’m so lucky I didn’t need antibiotics. Most of them makes me sicker and does me more harm than good, so I also havve to be lucky to fluke getting the right sort of drug that won’t hurt me. So I try to avoid antibiotics unless I’m half dead and have not much say in the matter.

I’m cooking apricot chicken for tea tonight. I’ve just put the slow cooker on half an hour ago. I put it on Auto, so it can take all day to cook. I’d rather not rush anything, because the chicken will either be too undercooked or overcooked! I’m gonna ad veges to the dish in a few hours, so the chook breast might overcook a bit. But by then the apricot juice and French onion soup mix will have had ample time to soak into the meat, creating a really yummy flavour. I don’t have anything on today, so I can slow things down a lot and make the erfect dinner. I’m going to cut two potatoes and two carrots, chuck in some peas and corn, and maybe some broccoli. And possibly pumpkin. I’ll make my decision later.

After taking like half an hour to find out what else to add to this dish, I’ve decided I’m gonna put two teaspoons of crushed garlic into the pot in probably ten minutes. At least that will soak for the next three or four hours and make the chicken get a wonderful flavour! I love putting garlic into my food. I don’t know what garlic and apricot will taste like together… I might just Google that one in case it’s yuck! After chucking the garlic in the pot, I fucked up my dishes I’d neatly stacked onto the rack. They went everywhere so I rewshed the whole lot of them. Now I don’t want to touch them at all till they dry out by tonight. I also discovered two pieces of chicken on the bench in front of the crockpot! Fuck me fuck me. I now have three and a half chicken breastss or thereabouts. I turned the pot on high because I want the process to happen a bit faster. I want dinner cooked by 5:30. That includes the rice. I haven’t had rice in forever! I’ll be going back to the butcher’s again probably on Monday. I want to make another slow cooker apricot chicken dish! I love apricots. I can’t think of a saucepan apricot chicken dish, so slow cooker ideas are the best for me. The oven is way too hard for me, the chicken either burns or isn’t cooked enough. My life is gonna be way easier for me when I learn how to use my new egg beater. I’ll be cooking a fucking lot more stuff. And since me and the family would prefer to not share our two separate ways of life, I’ll be eating everything I cook and will share it with nobody except for only one of my friends. As much as I love the family, I’ve survived without them for years. What makes me think I’m gonna need them more just because I’m in Cairns? Mum hardly ever helped me out while I was living with her, simply because I wouldn’t appreciate her for her horrible she can be. So I stopped accepting her help. And it’s funny how I started buying my own stuff a few weeks before I ran away and I learnt how to survive with minimal help, and now Mum hates me because I have found a better life. She needs to step back a bit and think about what she’s doing.


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