What I’ve been up to

Lately I’ve been walking every day. I’m going to have to work on keeping up with the healthier foods when I’m out though so I won’t end up putting on too much weight. I’ve started getting out of control with my weight, so without being an extremist, I’m going to do a gentle slimming down program. It’ll involve eating more fruit and veges, and buying foods from the Japanese place at the shopping complex I walk to. It means no more fish and chips, noodle box, always going for a walk if I want to buy soft drinks, and cans of them only, etc. No more buying junk food in bulk anymore, for the next four weeks! After that I’ll buy junk food, but less of it. And when I want cake, I shall bake them from scratch just so I won’t make too many of them!

I fucking can’t wait to buy an electric beater, it’ll make my life so much easier. Sure using the old-fashioned handheld whisk gives me plenty of exercise, but today when I made cake, it took something like twenty minutes just to mix everything together! For this particular recipe, you’re only meant to take five minutes to mix it together and five minutes to mix the dry ingredients before combining them with the wet ones. Unfortunately, I don’t have a sifter, so I took two minutes to carefully mix the flour with a metal spoon to get rid of almost all lumps. Then another two minutes to mix baking powder through the flour. Then because I stupidly put butter and sugar into the dry ingredients instead of into the other bowl that had nothing in it yet, I frigging took ten minutes to carefully mix it together! I had to whisk it for a while to ensure the whole thing was wet, but it took a lot out of me. I then slowly whisked in two eggs, oh wow that was soooooooo hard to do. Kids, do not try all of this at home unless you’re fifteen and over, or have an adult with you! Believe me, the way I made this cake turned into a bit of a mess but I cleaned it up all right. To make things worse, I had to add milk, and then I chose to add vanilla. I accidentally knocked the bottle when I put it down, so half of it went all over the bench. Oh well. It’s not the end of the world. I frigging can’t wait to use an electric beater when my occupational therapist eventually teaches me how to use it, I can tell you I won’t have to mix stuff in more time than is necessary And I’m buying a sifter as well. Honestly, taking a few minutes just to stir flour and baking powder until it’s all fluffy is so time-consuming, especially if a recipe calls for an easy-to-do cake. I’ve put the oven on to about 160 degrees this time, whenever I’ve done cakes in the past, the edges have burnt a bit. So maybe at a lower heat and baking it for a bit longer, the cake should turn out great!

Pl’l’l’l’l’l’l’l’lease don’t let it be a failure. I baked cookies from scratch yesterday, and most of them turned out shit. The dough was too runny, and by the end I’d added more flour to it, and then there was way too much plain flour. I think next time when I make cookies, I’ll try to use less flour but with the same amount of butter and half a cup of milk instead. Seriously some recipes give the wrong amounts of food. I go to different Internet sites for the recipes, and I’ve found Kid Spot Australia to be the best! There might be other sites out there, but I’m not about to take the time to find those yet. There’s a Brailled recipe book at Vision Australia which I want to borrow, so when I’ve read a few books, I’ll borrow it and copy a few recipes. At least they’ll be reliable even if I get it wrong! I can fix what I do wrong, I can’t fix what they do wrong. I’ll try a cook recipe again, but I’m waiting to get this recipe book, and in the meantime I’ll get a mixer and a sift just so I can cut my cooking preparation time in half. I can use that whisk because it’s there and sometimes I won’t want to muck around with a beater. But if I want to cook in a few minutes even if it means taking longer to do the dishes, the cooking is still out of the road and I won’t have to worry about it when I’ve put the food in the oven. I’ll be doing a lot of walking to and from the shops though, I won’t be putting way heaps of shit in my cupboards anymore. I’ll put enough stuff in the cupboards, but if I think I’ll run out of stuff, I’ll go for a walk instead of waiting for someone to drive me to the shops, except if it’s raining.

When I take the cake out of the oven, I’m going to put it somewhere safe to let it cool, and go for another walk. Troy loves his walks. I want to revise some of his training at the shops. He is forgetting which shops I am trying to get to when I tell him where I want to go. When I ask him to find the grocery store, he finds the chemist and vice versa. When I tell him I want the noodle place, he finds the sushi, or just keeps walking as though he has no idea what I’ve just said. Troy knows the butcher, but he still needs a few prompts to be certain of where he is. What I want from him is for him to look around when I want him to go somewhere, find his way there, and that will be the place that I’ve asked him to find the first time, not the fifth time after asking him a dozen times where one place is, after he has gone to every other door in town. When I say, “Troy, find the IGA!” I don’t mean, this door, the next door, oh yes this place, no turn around… This door! What I want is: “Troy, find the IGA!” He should walk slowly enough so he won’t miss it, while looking at each shop, getting the scent of it, stopping and starting as he goes, so he knows where he is. In doing so, he should eventually get to the IGA without finding each individual door along the street. I figure that ten minutes of training this arvy will do him good and will burn off a bit of fat for me! Troy is getting very bored lately and he needs something to do stimulate the brain a bit. He is getting more and more restless at home, so I need to cure that problem before it turns into an out-of-control-dog problem. That’s why the next door neighbour’s dog which is now gone or hopefully dead, was out of control. The dickheads didn’t give her things to occupy her, besides two tormenting children and a bone and the occasional toy or treat. Good for them. Guys, the dog fucking needs more than that to involve itself in a good life you know! Bloody dickheads. Since my life is back to where it was before the dramas, I have plenty of energy to go about my plans this afternoon, and no reason to sit on my ass anymore! I can sit around to be lazy, but that’s the only excuse. That’s making me fat, so the laziness needs to stop. Troy is getting unfit too, so I need to shape him up a bit.

A lady from Quantum Technology rang me this morning. Someone from Quantum Technology who lives in cairns, is going to meet me at Vision Australia. Whether it’s this Friday or the next Friday I don’t know. It depends on what time the carer gets to my place. I don’t actually know when she’s getting here till she turns up or I’m given a call from DNR Services at the last minute. They’re fucking ridiculous, but oh well. Most disability organisations treat people like shit. I guess I need to start complaining. Complaining works for me at the hospital, I can’t see how it won’t work for me in this instance too. Anyway, this lady is going to show me a Focus 40. I think it’s a Braille note-taker, a bit like the Braille Note. I’ll check this particular product out, then will compare it to the Braille Note when I check it out too.

I pretty much want to put everything in a grant application and if I don’t get approved for all equipment I choose to put in the paper, then I’ll choose one or two technological products which will best suit my life, and will go from there. My plan isn’t to get these products just so I can sit on my lazy ass all day for better convenience. I want these products so I can be like everyone else, take down info like everyone else, get access to the same shit as everyone else, pretty much be myself like everyone can be themselves. I may sit on my lazy ass sometimes, at least for the most part, I’ll be making good use of these products. There are people out there who try to rip off the system, but

I’m not one of them! Clearly Quantum Technology knows this because they’re trying to do everything in their power to get some things covered by a grant. I have made it clear to them and to Humanware Technology, that even if I don’t get everything on offer, just one product will be good enough! I definitely need Jaws for the computer, but I’ve explained that to them. So if I could only have two products, it’d be Jaws for the laptop, and one other thing, I’m yet to decide which product this will be. I’ll write more about it when the time comes! I’m hoping this grant application is approved, if it’s not I’m gonna start saving money like there’s no tomorrow. I really want at least one of these products! Something has to give, everything else has worked out so far. I can’t see why I couldn’t have one or two products that will help me with my independence even when I’m out and about, not just when I’m at home or having to get training just to do something. There’s a bit of training with these products too, but after that if I want to take notes and the laptop isn’t an option in some circumstances, a smaller Braille note-taker will work just fine. I’d use this in addition to the laptop, even if one day the laptop got too old and I had to get rid of it, I’d go with the Braille computer. It’d be the perfect thing for me while saving up for a new laptop, or I could just forget the laptop entirely. Or I could get a desktop computer and when I go away, I can just keep the Braille computer. But then laptops have been the best for me when it comes to the general use of a computer because I don’t have to be at home just to use an Internet connection. I’ll see what pans out over the next few months and a couple of years down the track.


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