War zone

World War III has started. I was expecting a fucking scene, but not having to call the cops straight away to see what they could do, and to warn them that they’d better be on the lookout because I don’t trust the dickhead neighbours anymore. Anyway, the guy turned up and asked if I’d spoken to the property manager about their dog the other day. I said yes and that they shouldn’t even have the dog on their property in the first place, let alone the fact that it goes into my yard and annoys the fuck out of Troy. To make things worse, I had gotten up the kids a couple of weeks ago for chasing the dog into our yard and stirring it up and causing a nuisance. The neighbour yelled at me, that his dog rarely comes into my yard. I then said that actually, it went into my yard the other day while Troy was out there and he didn’t keep track of it till I yelled at the dog, at first thinking it was a stray. Well, he swiftly denied that the dog was being a pest. So I went off, and he yelled at me till he was blue in the face, carrying on like a fuckhead as though his dog is an angel. An angel my foot! I don’t know whether he turned blue or green, I’m too blind to know whether the world even exists, except that I can feel ground underfoot and I can smell fresh air, so it must do. Jokes aside, I then told the neighbour that I’d ring the cops. The cops said that they couldn’t do anything unless a crime was happening. I said that a crime would happen if something wasn’t sorted. The cop on the phone then heard the neighbour yelling, so I got up the neighbour and made sure he got it clear that his dog isn’t my issue. I also said that his kids aren’t my children, so I have nothing to do with the issue between all of them and the Real Estate, other than that I don’t want their dog trashing my yard without supervision. Then I made the point clear that since the guy isn’t even meant to have pets on his property, the whole case is already closed. He fucking stormed away as though I was in the wrong, since he believes that denying that he’s wrong will suddenly make the situation right. What a fucking idiot! The cop then quickly told me that he couldn’t do anything other than for me to tell the Real Estate that something needs to be done or I’d have to call the Tenancy Authority. So I rang the Real Estate and spoke to the property manager. She was glad I rang the cops. Then she said not to worry, because she had issued a breach order to the neighbour, which means if they don’t get rid of the dog within ten days, they’re in deep shit.

The worst part of this whole drama is that the neighbour is so angry at me because I’ve put them through hell by complaining about their dog. Too fucking right I have! He’s a fucken retard and a friggen mole. I want nothing to do with him again. He’s one of those dirty type who causes trouble but then does the angel act. I’m certainly no fucking angel. At least the police and Real Estate knows this now, since actually, they’re willing to back me up because who wants a friggen dog annoying your dog when it’s eating or resting? And without the guy knowing straight away too! He didn’t even take the time to listen to me either, he’s such a stuck-up bastard. To be very rude, he’s a frigging bitch. He is a fucking dirty rotten zoophile. If he thinks he wants to maim of kill me down the track, he has sad news coming. I’m done with him and their crap, and I hate their nuisance kids. If they don’t get rid of the dog, I’m going to fucking do away with it myself, and we’ll see how compassionate the police are then. They’ll be out here in a jiffy. I might get into lots of trouble, but then again I’ll have peace without the fucking beast waiting for an opportunity to attack me or my dog. I have fucking had it, and if I feel one ounce of suspicion by the end of next week, that fucken Real Estate is going to hear from me. If the slut of a neighbour does anything to me, he’s gonna have a good hard life ahead of him. I am not putting up with any more shit from anyone. If that fat arse dog comes within a foot of me it’s gonna end its life very fast. It’s a fucking mongrel and no amount of arguing with me will convince me of any different. Why the fuck should I settle an issue with the neighbour when it’s not actually my issue, and the dog coming into my yard, really isn’t meant to be there. And when the neighbour lies about the dog coming into the yard without first asking me and then supervising it and what not, it makes the issue even worse. I am still soooooooooooooo surprised and even astonished, that Troy did nothing bad to that fat fucking thing the other day. I am ver’r’r’r’r’r’r’r’r’r’r’r’r’ry astounded. What fuckhead would allow their dog to go and try to steal from another dog which it hardly knows? Honestly! Oh my flaming God. The neighbour can lie to me, disown me, kill me, for all he cares. He’s so fucking wrong and I seriously can’t believe he’s acting as though me and the Real Estate are ganging up on them over a minor issue. What a frigging dumbo. Ha, he can’t yell at the Real Estate because he knows they’re right in that they haven’t approved of his dog being on the property, so he thinks he can get away with murder by yelling at me? And while the police are on the phone! What a cunt. I don’t have anything else nice to say, so I’m closing off.


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