Pizza party

I had a little celebration tonight. I rang Pizza Hut and ordered pizza and garlic bread! I am sooooooooooooo excited to know that the neighbour’s dog will be gone in a couple of weeks. As much as their dog is cute and all, they’re not allowed to have that thing, and I hate it trashing my yard whenever it wants. You know what? I really want a bird. But I won’t buy one because there’s a “no pets” policy on this complex. So one guide dog it is. It’s good that I can move on now. The neighbour has been warned by me that the police have got him if he tries anything on me. Hopefully I can take my dog outside and feed him and whatever I want, without a nuisance dog getting at me. It’s all right. I’ll just have to keep my house locked 24-7 for a long time. The poor pizza delivery driver had to wait for me to find the right key to unlock the front door! It’s sad when I can’t even trust a nice person until he says that things are all right and I can just take my time a bit and all the jazz to go with it. I felt really bad, but he made me smile with the way he got really soft towards Troy, and helped me sort my dinner out so I wouldn’t spill pizza everywhere! I accidentally gave him the wrong money so I had to run to my backpack and test all the notes with a paper money tester I’ve got. I found the $20 and gave it to the guy. He really loved my dog! I nearly knocked the guy out when the garlic bread fell from my hands and I dove down to grab it before Troy got it! Hahahahahahahahahaha he dove down as well, but I grabbed him and gently but firmly pushed him back, while the delivery person dove down to grab at the garlic with lightning speed! Poor thing, he asked if I was ok, and I said yes and sighed like woe! Oops! He was fine though, it’s not like I could see him quickly stooping down while I practically fell almost on top of the food to keep Troy’s face away from it. At least I got the food to the table and then took some money from my bag for the pizza guy without too much else going wrong. After all that shit I sat on my lazy ass and ate half a pizza and a whole roll of garlic bread. I’m glad I’ve got pizza for lunch tomorrow, I won’t be going walking anywhere. I got my support worker in the morning, then O and M in the afternoon. Plans have changed a bit so I can fit those two appointments in. Then on Monday I’ve got OT. The therapist had to change it from Wednesday to Monday because of some plan changes too. I’m cooking potato bake for lunch! Believe me, when I start using the oven more, life is gonna be sooooooooooo much fucken easier! More recipes to cook, a bigger range of meals! And less fat food! And less of the same shit every day! It’s going to be sooooooooooo nice. I can’t wa’a’a’a’a’a’a’a’a’ai’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’it! And… Yea! I get to make biscuits too! Yeeeeeeeeheeeeeeee! Fucking bring it on!


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