Complaints and other musings

I made a complaint to the Real Estate this morning. More like two hours ago, but anyway… I told the reception person what the case was with the neighbour’s dog. Fucking dickheads! It’s not like they can fool me, or the frigging Real Estate for that matter. The property manager will be back in the office in two hours. She may or may not call me, more than likely she will. I’ll tell her that the neighbour’s can’t say I’m lying anymore, just like I told the receptionist. I’m sick of the neighbours playing games with me. I’ve totally had it with them. Their dog is an annoying little pest. I hate having to protect me and my dog twenty-four hours a day just because of the dickheads. I’m really glad the neighbours are living the high life. Well. They can live that high life somewhere else, and take their drugs and their cunt of a dog with them. I told the receptionist straight and forthcoming that she can send the property manager out here, and get her to call me as well. The dog will either be out in their back yard in a cage if the neighbour is out, or inside the house somewhere, or probably tied up out the front. In any case the dog needs to be put down before I get myself into lots of trouble or cause a scene and bring the cops around. If the dog was a very friendly, happy-go-lucky sort of dog, I’d not be too concerned. But the stupid dude and his slut girlfriend, and the fuckhead across the road, they seem to love training their dogs to be aggressive in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s for dog fighting, aggression towards others for protection, or sexual gratification because they’re too fucking sick in the brains to take the dogs to the vet or to breed them and find a constructive outlet for the dogs, I have no fucking idea. But when someone says that they train their dog to be social and all that bullshit, while their actions show something different, I have no choice but to believe that the said person is very very concerning, and a frigging worry.

After I created a bit of a scene with the Real Estate, I spent an hour and a half searching the Vision Australia library catalogue. I added quite a few books to the wish list! I have five books on loan, but they haven’t come to me yet. I’ll be reading every damn one of them within a couple of weeks. The Daisy Reader still works well, so I’ve left it on the recharger since yesterday. I’ll unplug it in an hour. I was gonna go for a walk to the shops earlier, but decided to play it safe and stay inside after ringing the Real Estate. I’ll go for a walk later and try to keep away from the trouble when it starts. As soon as I come back home, I’m locking myself inside. I even warned my occupational therapist that I may possibly lock us both inside, depending on how frigging paranoid I am. She’s coming around on Monday, because plans have changed for next Wednesday. That’s fine. It means I get a bit of practise with the oven at the start of the week so when I bring my cousin and his lovely partner over for dinner, I can cook up a nice feed for them, baked and all! It’ll be great. I’ll let her know what’s happening with all of that, and she can let me know when she’s able to come around. Man I can’t wait! Hopefully the neighbours will be gone, or the dog gone by then. I won’t have to be soooooo paranoid. I will honestly go mental if the neighbours start anything with me just once.

I nearly went mental the other day but restrained myself. I need to give it a bit more time, so when I do lose it totally, the Real Estate and the police won’t think I’m a psycho bitch for nothing. I made God damn sure that the Real Estate knows that Troy won’t attack anyone except to defend himself from being attacked. Since I don’t want that scenario, I warned them that if Troy gets into a skirmish, all hell is going to break loose. I didn’t say all this so bluntly, but I damn well implied that. I did tell the Real Estate that I’d soon create a scene and I’d eventually report the neighbours to the police if they kept up their shit. The Real Estate lady was agreeing with me, but she told me to leave it with my property manager for now. As much as I don’t want to take the law into my own hands or bring the police into it, my safety comes first, and I want Troy to not get into a skirmish with the dog at any time. I will kill the dog if it lays a paw on me or Troy. I’m sure the cops will eventually come into it, but if I have to call them before the property manager gets a chance to, they’ll get an earful from me just so I can get them around here straight away. I’ll tell them straight what for, in regards to the neighbours and their fat lying stupid shit. Those God damn thugs are in sooooooooooo much trouble now. I was in no mood for arguing with anyone. Today and last night however, brought a whole fucking new level to my mood. Bring it on now! Fuuuuuuuuuuucking bring it on. I’ve reached the end of my tether. Now I am in a mood for causing trouble to get rid of the neighbours and the dog. I actually want to live here to be peaceful. I didn’t think I would be dealing with two fuckheads and two nuisance friggen kids and a stupid rotten beast. I feel so hurt that I thought the kids were all right, and the adults. I feel soooo fucking hurt that I was deceived and lied to. Oh well. No more chances now. And I will cause a scene. I will argue, and I will win this battle, since the neighbours have no right to keep animals in their place. They seem to forget that my dog is a trained working dog. They are fucking stupid.


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