Can’t wait to go out

I’m going out to dinner tonight! We’re going to the same restaurant that we had my cousin’s birthday party at. I don’t know what I’m gonna eat though. So I guess I can write about that later. Troy is getting separation anxiety though, his need for company is stronger than his need for chewing things and amusing himself. He pants and carries on when he knows I’m leaving, no matter how good his current distraction is. He cares a lot about me leaving all right! So much for deer antlers being a good distraction for him. They’re only good when he has no idea I’m going out, otherwise he worries about me instead of preoccupying himself. When I get up to go, I’ll not give him one ounce of warning that I’m going, and will not let him know when I return. I won’t acknowledge him at all till he forgets that I’ve gone out. We’ll see how that goes.

I had a very lazy day. I slept in until nearly 12:30! After I got up and cleaned up the kitchen, I made a cuppa and took some Panadol. I wasn’t feeling very well. For the past week I’ve had fevers on and off which required Panamax to control. I didn’t need any yesterday, and only one dose today. I don’t feel too bad now, just a bit run-down, but nothing more. I have an incessant cough which plagues me, although sometimes it settles somewhat. Hopefully it’ll go in the next few days, and I hope I won’t need a lot more Panadol. That horrible grief that got to me yesterday, is nearly gone too. I should be over it totally by tomorrow. The other thing I need to do for my health is cut out all the fat food while still eating meat and veges. It means no more fast food for a few weeks. I’ll accept sandwiches and the occasional snack or drink, but that’s it. Even something from the noodles place down the road wouldn’t be too bad. But no more fish and chips, Mackers, Hungry Jacks etc, for the next month. And not too much food that’s got a lot of oil in it. I need to keep fitting into the clothes I like to wear. I also want to live till I’m a hundred or more, unless I commit suicide or something else unnatural happens. Hopefully not the suicide! I’m pretty much over it, although when Nan and Pop comes into the picture, suicidal ideations start increasing. I don’t want that… I want my life to keep working out for the good.

Tomorrow I’m going to get all the house cleaned up. It needs to be done before the dirt really builds up. I need to vacuum and mop. At least if I get that out of the road, I can clean the toilet and the basin on Monday. Hopefully when the next spring cleaning comes around, I won’t have so much to do! I’m sick of taking five hours to get one unit tidied up. Hopefully the next spring clean will only take two hours. I know one frigging thing! Before I go to Townsville, I’m gonna polish every fucking nook and cranny of my house regardless of how long it takes. The last time I came home to a dirty place because I half-heartedly cleaned a few days before I went into hospital, just wasn’t so good. Codeine and housework doesn’t mix very well either. I’m sure the housework was a mirror-image of who I was as a druggy. Glad the eye pain is gone now, God only knows what would have come of me. Anyway, I’m gonna make sure that I come home to a clean house, and I’m stocking up on the groceries before I go! I want dinner and breakfast to go as normal so I won’t have to starve for two or three days for being too lazy to renew my stocks. It’ll be right. I can’t wait to come home with my new eye! That will be fantastic. And a clean house will be even better. It’s not like I’ll need to stay at Jill’s for a day, since I won’t be having an anesthetic or any other major thing. I’ll take a few vials of artificial tears with me though, since they’re really keeping my left eye under control! It hurts a bit, but it’s not getting worse. At this point it’s getting better. And that’s what I’ve been hoping for, with increasing my use of the artificial tears. It’s doing wonders, so now I don’t have to worry about my eye for a while. All we can hope for is that it won’t get out of control even with the tear drops. So long as it stays stable everything is sweet. As for the other eye, it’s doing great. It’s getting stronger every day. Hopefully it’ll be ready for the doctor to approve of my trip to Townsville on the fourth of June, when I see him on the thirtieth of May. This is gonna be so exciting! No more worrying about pain and eye trouble. As for the left eye, I just need to keep putting tears in it every day even if it’s doing fine, so it’ll stay that way.

The little girl I’ve been following on CB is still in a stable but iffy sort of condition. I checked out the Cole’s Foundation website which you can Google, and unfortunately she’s still fighting a virus which is still very hard to get under control. The doctors are keeping Mara as stable as they can, they’re keeping on top of the virus however they can. But the sad news is that that’s all they can do at this stage. They can’t physically get rid of the virus yet. There’s too many other issues happening, which are getting in the way of this critical process. The virus is causing issues which makes it harder to treat the virus. It’s a very upsetting situation she’s in, a bad cycle which is in a circle that she can’t get out of. I haven’t read any more details than what I’ve read on the prayer page of Cole’s, but I will do next week or if things turn for the worse, or the better. Basically, when I find out anything major from this point on, I’ll put another link for Mara’s site up here. Until then, let’s hope all the best for her. The longer she stays sick, the harder it is for her doctors to treat her. Yet the doctors can’t treat her too harshly otherwise the same issues that the virus has caused, will get worse. So it’s either the treatment will kill or permanently maim her, or the virus will. That’s the simple truth of the matter. They’re balancing her treatments vs what the virus is doing to her, yet they’re unable to get off this roller coaster. Just be sure that no news is good news… Until I find out anything exciting to put on here. If the excitement is happy and a reason for celebrating, I’ll be all good. But if I find out the worst, man I’m going to be so fuuuuuuuuuuuucken devvo! I read enough of CB bloggers dying this year. How about some miracle news for once!


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