Pouring my heart out

I’m at Jill’s house. I didn’t bring my Internet with me because I forgot to put the friggen thing in my laptop case when I left. So I’ll leave in over an hour to feed Troy and will bring the Internet back. At the moment Troy is at home, chewing a deer antler. My O and M instructor brought the trainer back out to my house, and they gave it to me. I gave them my card details so the money could be transferred to pay for the antler. Troy absolutely loves it! He couldn’t chew it enough when I gave it to him while the trainer was with me. I gave it to him when I left, and hopefully he should be out of trouble for another two hours. I’ll feed him and then simply give the antler back to him and take it off Troy when I get home. He’s only allowed to eat this when I’m away from home, and he can have raw bones at any time when I’m home while he’s tied up out the back.

Since I did nothing much today, I figure I’d go straight into the discussion of how much I hate Guide Dogs SA and NT. Since I don’t have the Internet at the moment I can’t really post stuff from there, so I have no choice but to write my heart out till I can’t type anymore. I haven’t written a good lengthy blog for ages in a day. When I get home I’ll post it. Anyway, I’ve found my experience with Guide Dogs SA/NT not the best. So I’ll make a comparison between them and Guide Dogs Queensland.

First thing. Let’s talk about dog training. Ok, so both organisations agree mostly with the training. One thing SA Guide Dogs lack compared to Queensland, is the ability to teach guide dog owners very very thoroughly. It’s all good and dandy to test the dog’s ability to work and our ability to work with them, and it’s nice to know how to get from point A to point B. But where’s the rest of the training, like if you get lost, or if there’s a deviation to the route, or something. All Guide Dogs South Australia does is check that the owner and dog are apparently fine, and they might just improve your orientation if they get the time. Um… Hello? I can’t see a little, I actually can’t see at all. What fucking idiots! So yeah, that’s one friggen nightmare I’ve had to put up with. At least QLD Guide Dogs will take their time to check how I’m going and will not allow me to do anything that I don’t know with Troy unless they’ve seen that I know how to get myself to and from the said destination with the cane, and they’ve checked me with Troy a million times, route deviations and all. It’s a fucken tedious process, but I haven’t gotten lost here yet! I’ve lost track of my whereabouts, but I’ve never gotten proper lost, I can actually get myself back to where I was because of better training in the area.

Next thing. Troy’s toilet training is a fucken nightmare. It’s good that I need a routine and all. But how the fuck am I meant to know about Troy going to the toilet? And how do you teach a dog not t shit wherever it thinks it’s ok to do it? What the frig happens if the dog is in a shopping centre or in a mall area. It doesn’t give a damn rat’s fucking ass that it’s marking territory stuff is dirty, unhygienic, etc. It doesn’t think hey we’re not at a suitable place so I’d better wait till we’re somewhere else! Troy doesn’t understand the difference between outside and inside. He sees the differences, but he has no understanding of concepts. So without going off track, the fucking Guide Dogs SA dickhead lot have no consideration that not helping me with training my dog to shit and piss routinely while out, is going to teach him that shops are another territory and toilet area for him. So the innocent Queensland Guide Dogs have had to pick up the pieces and do some mother-fucker guide dog trainer’s dirty work. One minute Guide Dogs SA wants me to toilet Troy in a routine manner, but it’s all ok to let him shit wherever when we’re in public. They’re fucken dickheads and I want nothing to do with them.

My last pet hatred, and I so hate the lot of them for this, is the dog food issue. Guide Dogs SA thinks their dogs can live without raw bones and a small amount of fresh meat occasionally. They are complete fucking morons. This morning I was told that nothing beats a raw bone, but if the dog is inside, ideally it’s best to give it something dry like a deer antler. It’s the best chewy product out there if you can’t give the dog a raw bone for whatever reason. Now that’s a reasonable thing to go with. But an organisation saying not to give a dog bones at all Ok fuck you Guide Dogs SA. You have no right to take nature out of a dog under any circumstances. There’s undesirable traits we don’t want. But that doesn’t include forcing a dog to only eat dog biscuits without an outlet for him to clean his teeth and exercise his jaw muscles. If it’s ok to exercise the dog, then he definitely must exercise his mouth. It’s part of his health. In saying that, some dogs will chew anything. But if they won’t, you never ever deny alternative chewy treats. Guide Dogs SA are so frigging extreme and so fucking ridiculous. Supposedly Eukanuba Active is meant to be good for a lab. All I’ve noticed is that it’s a fucking hassle on my poor dog. He used to eat a meal and vomit then entire thing up overnight, and more. OMG! Guide Dogs are fucking dumb. I switched the food to Royal Cannon Labrador Retriever. He is doing amazing on that. He doesn’t get too fat or too skinny, Troy finds it easy to digest. He doesn’t need a massive amount to keep him happy. He does get overfed, but that’s an issue I have with the family. Anyway, Guide Dogs SA thought Eukanuba would be good for Troy. I initially thought so too, but then you’d think Guide Dogs would pick up trouble. Oh well, apparently I’m better than them. I shouldn’t be, but they’re damn well not showing me any differently. Guide Dogs Queensland wins again.

Now that I’ve let all that shit out, I’m doing fine. Troy is happy. When I get home I should find him chewing away at his newfound treat. Apparently this antler won’t break at all. It’ll just wear down slowly, like a teething rusk. Troy can eat the marrow, but he can’t eat the horn bit. That will just wear down till it needs to be chucked away. The next time I need an antler, I’ll be given a full one that Troy will take forever to chew through in order to get the marrow out of it. The reason Troy was given half an antler today is to teach him that this thing is edible to a degree and that if he eats an entire one, it’ll be the same deal, just harder to get at the marrow stuff. Honestly Troy is having a ball with the thing! Apparently I should have moved to Queensland years ago. I was just too fucking naive to work that out. I was so busy fighting an endless battle with Mum, trying to work on a relationship that was doomed to fail from the start. Mums and their kids are meant to get on better as they get older. Sadly, this is not me and my Mum. We’ve drifted apart, I happened to start the process because Mum kept coming back for more. She’s like her bloody fucking parents. I didn’t want to be like her or them, so I moved away from her and have decided not to spend much time with my grandparents. They’ve chosen their family and friends. I’ve chosen mine.


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