Guide dog training

I had O and M this morning. A guide dog trainer turned up with my O and M instructor. She’ll be back on Wednesday. She reckons Troy is doing great! And she thinks I’m doing fine too. That means my list of worries is shorter now. We went to the shops so I bought a 600ML coke. We came back home, and I asked about a little lump thing on Troy’s chest. Luckily it’s just a scab. I don’t have to worry about a damn thing now.

I put a piece of corn beef in my crockpot this morning! I put it on at about 8 am. When I got home I had a ham and salad sandwich for lunch, with salad on the side. How yum! Then I waited for a good two or three hours before turning the crockpot onto the high setting. The meat has been cooking like that ever since and right now it smells yum’m’m’m’m’m’m’m’m’m’m’my! I was gonna put veges in with the beef, but have decided that I can steam them separately and have it all with some rice. That’ll be tonight’s dinner I think, or maybe for tomorrow. I’ll make that decision in a couple of hours. Mind you, when I think about it, maybe it’s going to be easier to just throw the veges in with the meat. I just don’t want to stuff around with straining it. But I’ll make decisions about my dinner in a few hours. I’ve got a container of salad in the fridge which I wanted to eat tonight, but I guess I can eat that with either ham or corn meat tomorrow at lunch time. Again I’m undecided on the matter.

I was going to go to Vision Australia this week, but unfortunately the OT won’t be in on Friday. So I’ll have to go in next week. Oh well. I guess it means I have plenty more things to get done. I need to go to the pet shop. Then there’s a Coles supermarket just across the road from there so I’ll do shopping there. It’ll save me and the support worker a lot of time. We can then take my stuff home and after that she can either go to her next job or we’ll have time for lunch somewhere. Then next Friday will be Vision Australia, and the week after that I want to schedule a lunch at this restaurant we went to a few nights ago! I love their food. I just need the money on hand to afford it. It’s a pity everything has to be so expensive these days. Christ only knows what else I want to do really. I know I want to go to Bunnings and try to get a low-maintenance indoor plant and a couple of good herbs that I can put in the dinner. I may need two hours to do this, so I guess that little chore is off my cards till another month or so. I know one thing is for sure though. Since I’m going to the pet shop on Friday, I want to check out a few living creatures that I want to buy in future, and it doesn’t mean this year. Somewhere down the track a bit further. I also want to buy a packet of treats for Troy and put them away so when I run out of his current lot of treats, I’ll have another lot to put in my backpack.

I had a good dinner at Jill’s last night. We had beef strogonof! I hate mushrooms, but the meal if you don’t include having to eat the pieces of mushroom, is lovely! The mushrooms might bring out the flavour, but I certainly hate eating the fucken things. In any case, the steamed veges were yum. The broccoli could have been cooked more, but that’s like saying some people like half-cooked steak and some need it overcooked. Same with rice and noodles. Anyway, besides my particular fussy ideas about food, the meal was yum. My cousin and his fiance came over and we had a few interesting family discussions. That’s a whole other story for another post, for another time in the distant future. It was good having them over, but sadly I had to leave them at eight o’clock so I wouldn’t be home too late to watch Junior Doctors. It’s a really really good show! After that I went to bed and woke up fresh this morning. I’ve noticed that since my right eye was done away with, I no longer need drugs to fall asleep and to keep me from waking up in severe pain. I really love this new life, or rather, my life which was taken from me by some dick of a disease that made my eye go rotten. It just feels like a new life because I haven’t felt so good in forever, and I haven’t felt so peaceful in even more than forever. So yeah, the life I once had and loved, is even better now that I’m away from the alcohol and abuse and constant bickering, so in that sense it’s my new life! In any case I wouldn’t change a bloody fucking thing for the world at the moment. Not while life is this good. There’s thorns near almost every rose, but still life is a damn sight better than it has been. It’s not like I’m asking for any more than this.


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