One too many drinks… But that’s fine with me

I had the best time ever last night. We all went to a restaurant, which I’m definitely going back to again! I just have to schedule it with the support worker one Friday when I have the cash on hand. My cousin absolutely loved his meal, and found it funny when I started getting drunk! I only had a few drinks of Malabu and coke, but honestly they really got to me. I ate almost all my meal except for a bit of steak that was left since it was sooooo big, even in the small serving. I found it rather weird that the bar ran out of Malabu, so the bartender had to go down to the bottle shop and get more stock! We had jokes going around for the rest of the night that I’d drank all the Malabu. I honestly think I had done. You’d think they’d have enough of all alcohol that they wouldn’t have to run down to the liquor shop. Inn any case I had something like four drinks if I’ve counted correctly. I wanted another one, but it was 8:30 by then, so we all left for home. I went to bed after cuddling Troy for a while, glad that the night went very well for me. I felt as sick as a dog though from stuffing myself stupid and drinking as much alcohol as I could fit in, within a two-hour span. It wasn’t worth the pain, but it was worth the good side of it all, enough that I’d stupidly drink again! I just have to get over this hangover first, which surprisingly I’m handling very well, just with two nurofens overnight and Panamax at nine o’clock this morning. I still feel like shit, just not with the painful part of it. I had toast ad coffee this morning like I said I’d do, when I was joking and laughing last night. I made a second cuppa, but because it turned out way too wrong when I didn’t make it good enough, I tipped it down the sink, washed the dishes, and decided that one cuppa was enough because I made that one very strong. I’ll make another cuppa in a while if I’m up to it.

I did a bit of housework today. I had to shoo the kids out of the car port because I wanted to sweep it clean so I wouldn’t have to hose it out in a few days. Then I put my clothes in the washing machine. So that’s the housework I’m doing for today. Tomorrow if I get the opportunity, I’ll do the towels and mats, ten I’ll vacuum the floor and clean the toilet the day after tomorrow. I won’t tolerate pesky children spreading dirt and dog shit through my place while I’m cleaning it though, that won’t be going down well with me. All those two kids care about is wanting to chitchat to me all day long, they couldn’t give a rat’s fucking ass that I have to clean up after their fucking mess after they’ve chattered non-stop for three hours. I’m glad they love me to death, I’m glad they think I’m so kind. I find it hard when they leave me to pick up the pieces after all is said and done, so there’s times when I can’t afford to have them over, as much as they’re good most of the time and I do like talking to them. A bit of peace to myself and days free of having to do a lot of chores is nice. When the kids come over every day, my jobs never end, and they don’t consider that side of it because they’re still so young. I guess I’m just so fucking pissed off over this because when I have to do jobs the next day after partying for two hours and drinking a lot, knowing I won’t touch alcohol again for four to eight weeks, it’s not very fun. All I wanted to do was rest today. But I didn’t rest as much as I wanted to because the children had to talk to me for that quick two minutes, then I had to sweep the friggen car port and make them leave me alone without being too impolite and pushy, and then I had to put washing on, clean the kitchen up a bit, and make sure Troy was sorted out. Oh and don’t forget having to sort my own life out so I could do these fucken jobs. So now I get to have the rest I deserve, till I go around to Jill’s by about one o’clock. Last night they were a bit iffy as to whether I’d even get out of bed by twelve, but hey that’s what happens when people hardly ever put up with my drinking sessions! I told people that I’d have my shit sorted by one o’clock today, so all they have to do is believe me and hope I’m right. Well I didn’t want to let anyone down, so I have sorted my crap out rather fast! I’m still crappy, but the mild painkillers have set me a bit straighter than if I hadn’t had any. Now that’s my normal life! Ha, I think the doctors won’t think so, but that’s their bad luck. I don’t get hangovers every day, so I have no need to take Panadol every day. I’ll be heaping on the drugs when I get period pains though, I have the right to suffering as little as possible when the pain isn’t necessary. Knowing about my periods is enough without being reminded for six to eight hours, “Hey, you have your periods!” With less pain, I’m less moody and I go through my periods much more easier. So yeah, overdoing the drugs once a month ain’t so bad, and is necessary for keeping my quality of life intact.


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