The time of the end

Today, my right eye will be getting removed. I have been putting up with it getting out of hand for eight months. It has been through treatments for seven months. They weren’t successful. The doctors were able to save my left eye just on time. I’m told that the treatments won’t stop the disease, just slow it down. Eventually it will need to go too. I know this is all ssad and devvo and what not, I just couldn’t bring myself to be so blunt until now. My right eye is in so much pain even though I took Panadeine Extra. I want some nurofen plus in four hours, but by then I’ll be preparing for my operation which should start somewhere before lunch time. Hopefully I’ll chuck a party for the rest of the afternoon and through tommorrow. I should be halfway back in to the real world on Friday. I’m pretty sure me and the doctors are gonna have a laugh about that one! Lol, better to be funny than to be sick. I had my first bath in antibiotic soap last night, I’ll be doing the second antibiotic application in half an hour. I’ll wait for Bill to pick me up at 7 am. Then I’m off for the big life change. I can’t wait to be writing blogs about everything else, it’ll be so different not to be feeling pain and getting preoccupied and distracted by it. Until my next blog, have a good one and wish me luck!


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