Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for

tomorrow I’m going in for my surgery! I have to be in the hospital by 8 am. I won’t be bringing my laptop in as I decided that two books plus a computer will be too much. Plus when I wake up, I will be in no mood for a damn fucken thing for a good five hours. Books will be plenty of entertainment, especially while I’m waiting for my surgery. My cousin will ring Bill every two hours so he can inform her of how things are with me. In the afternoon my nice family will be up to visit me. Nan and Pop are too fucked to have a bit of civilised fun, so I’m glad they won’t be visiting me. They make me feel like spewing anyway, so they’re not on my friends list until they cann be a bit more understanding of others around them. I know it’s hard for them but the way they’re acting isn’t necessary. I’ve had my antibiotic shower now, so I’m off to sleep in a few minutes. The next time I wake up will be in severe pain and I’ll be hanging out for Panadeine Extra, for the very last time. Well at least for a long time. tomorrow I’ll wake up at nearly five o’clock, groom Troy one last time, bath myself in my antibiotic soap, and get ready for my big jump into the great beyond. I’ll blog when I’m up to it once I’m home. Until then wish me luck!


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