I’ve got my eye pain more under control today. That’s only the good news. The bad news is, I used to be able to take Panamax or Panadeine Forte with two nurofens, sometimes needing three of them if I really needed to up the dose. Now, very unfortunately, I must take Panamax or Panadeine Forte with three nurofens every time! That’s the bad news. It means taking longer breaks between doses of nurofen, but all that means is in the morning, I’d take three nurofenss with Panamax, then later on, Panamax or Panadeine depending on the pain level, then an hour or two after that, three nurofens. Then when it’s time to go to bed, I have to take the nurofen with the other pain pills otherwise I end up waiting for two hours with a swelling eye, waiting fot the nurofen to be worn off enough that taking three more won’t harm me. I hate that feeling of my eye starting to swell up! It adds to the pain of my already sore eye, which when it’s really bad, is just tolerable with Panadeine Forte. When it’s very controlled, I can have Panamax, so long as my eye isn’t swollen at the time. I really hate this friggen cycle, and eventually if the doctors don’t hurry up, my GP will be putting me on Panadeine Forte four times a day, along with the three nurofens. It means I’ll be lying around as drowsy as a fat lazy pig all day, just because my eye surgery isn’t hurrying up quick enough. It best not get to that point. It’s a bit like, I don’t want to be dead just because of a fucking rotten eye that’s dead and needs to be thrown in the dump. I certainly don’t want to be thrown in the dump with my eye I can tell you. That’s all I have to ssay till later.


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