Second update of the day

I walked to the shops today. I had to get a taxi home because I had sliced ham, bread, milk, and a bone for Troy, which I didn’t want to kill myself over getting them home! Before I left, I took Panamax, then I bought some nurofen when I got to the shops. I took three of them. All that shit just so I could stay alert and as pain-free as possible. It looks like I’ll be taking another three nurofens later with two Panamaxes. That way I shouldn’t need Panadeine Forte tonight. I’ll see how it goes. Tomorrow morning I’ll take three nurofens and Panamax and see how it works out. I’m trying to make it so I won’t need Panadeine Forte as much. I know I’m gonna need it sometimes, but I also want to not overdo the nurofen! Maybe I’ll just take Panadeine Forte at night and see how I go with nurofen and Panamax during the day like I used to, only I’ll take more nurofen each time so I can control the pain better. If that doesn’t work out, then I’ll have to go back to knocking myself out for half the day. It’s a sad world when I have to create a medicine schedule every day just so I can live my life. But that’s fine. I’ll just pretend that everything is all good when it isn’t. Still, this is all so fucking sad. I want my eye procedure to be tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about my rotten and dying eye ever again. All I know is that I’m needing more and more pain relief each day, and I’m really fed up with this bullshit. Troy is enjoying his bone that I gave him nearly two hours ago, and that’s what counts at the end of the day. I still hate the shit in it, and I can’t wait for the fucking crap to disappear for good when I check myself into the hospital in a couple of weeks.


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