I want my eye procedure to hurry up…

Last year and even in January this year, I told the doctors that I didn’t want anything to do with eeye surgery or anesthetics especially, if the situation was not as serious as having my leg chopped off. Now, my eye surgery has become even more serious than this! It just goes to show how quickly an eye condition deteriorates if it’s untreated if not treated properly. At least we all know what symptoms to look out for in my left eye now. The calcium in my right eye was a serious problem last year, but all this other pain that didn’t go away even though it felt like it was getting better for a week to four weeks after each surgery, was really my eye fucking up all this time. Thank God they saved the left eye as soon as they found out that it was getting like the right one. Funny how I want my left eye to be fixed before it turns into a chopping-off-a-limb scenario! And it’s funny how the anesthetic simply needed some readjustments made to it, and now all is fine besides a few memory blockers so I’d only remember getting sick a bit, and not need any memories past that. At least this time round, I could eat and drink without a care in the world. All I cared about was eating and drinking and not getting any sicker. Who cares anyway. Once food goes down, the stomach pretty much heals up from whatever is wrong straight away, so whatever bad shit happened before that, isn’t really gonna do me good to remember what never caused long-term harm. So hopefully the next surgery will be similar for me. Just give me some memory blockers and anit-depressants and I’ll not give a fuck about the negative crap that I’ll assume never happened, since I won’t know anyway. Lol! By the time later on happens, I’ll be so busy eating that assuming anything bad beforehand won’t be an issue since if I’m eating, who cares about three hours ago! It’ll be nice to have a permenantly reconstructed, pain-free eye. And I’ll not need painkillers every day anymore. I don’t mind the occasional tablet, blut I won’t be doing the shit every day anymore, it’s too fucking hard to plan my day around medicines. It gets old after a while.


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