Family dramas

I’ve had enough of them. I’m gonna disown the family soon. I don’t know when. My family hates Nan and Pop but they expect me to put up with them! They won’t help me with my guide dog unless I ask for special favvours and what not. So in the day of distress, I won’t be turning to them. Funny how I have a few friends in Brisbane who care more than my family. I really wanna live in Cairns, but maybe I should move to my true friends in Brisbane, the ones who’re more like family to me. It’s a pity I havve to be this way, but I don’t put up with people who expect things of me that they wouldn’t expect of themselves. This family has been torn apart, and instead of just accepting that we’ve done what we can to try to keep it together even though it still isn’t, it’ss the next persson’s fault, and the person next to the next person’s faultd! It’s all confusing to me and I won’t put up with that bull crap anymore.. My family thinks that when I have nobody to turn to Im gonna be sad and regretful. They’re the same ones who I never turned to for help when I wasn’t in kCairns and I never had regrets. Why would I have them nowk? People dunno how to think.

The other thing I don’t wanna do is go to my doctor appointment this week I’m so over them! All they do is vanely work on my eye, only for my eye to not heal. It does heal over like it should, but the crystal stuff in there builds up at the same time. I don’t believe in my doctor anymore, I don’t believe he’s of any help. If he was, my eye would be on its way to recovery by now. I don’t believe in medical treatment unless the treatment actually proves to be working. My left eye is fine,, so I can believe in treating it. But I’m over my doctors, my eye feels good, I don’t care about the right eye because it’s gonna get worse and it’s not gonna respond to treatment and so I’m not interested in what anybody thinks about me not going to the hospital. I’m a nasty bitch! Lol, I don’t care. I’m sick of being told what to do, people making decisions for me, whatevvver. Getting friendly advice isn’t any problem at all. I’m just sick of being told what to do and how to live my life and when and whether I should go to a doctor or not, what rights I do or don’t have, all that rubbish. I have rights to do whatever I want so long as I’m not harming anybody else.


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