OMG this world is going mad…

Call me crazy but I think the world is getting worse every day now. I mean every literal day. At the moment it’s happening graddually so that you can’t just notice it like pressing a magic button. But when about three or four years goes by, you think hang on! Four years ago, we had better economic security than we have now! We had better national security than we have now. There was a lot of violence, but today, this year, there is more violence! Everything that was four years ago, is four times as bad today. Want to know the sad truth? The yearly rate of badness and madness is increasing in speed, so that maybe in eight or ten years, everything bad will be multiplying monthly instead of yearly. Then in another ten or twenty years, things will be multiplying in horror and sadness weekly instead of monthly! Please Jesus Christ. Turn up!

I went to the shops today. I had fish and calamari rings for lunch, with a 600ML coke. Then I bought a few packets of pain pills in preparation for my next eye trouble period. I also bought a few other things that I was running out of. Oops I forgot the stinking butter! Dan it. That’s what I need for sure now, and I damn well didn’t buy it! Oh well I can buy it in the next couple of days. The other thing I also need to be doing is preparing for when the world loses it’s cash. I won’t go into the whole plan today, because in the near future when some unsuspecting crim wants to turn up to my house and hunt me down to kill me, I don’t want him/her to find out how I’m still alive and keeping others alive. I basically need to stock up on heaps of food, that’s all Ij’m telling. I’m scared, but in another way I can’t wait till all this tribulation trouble starts so I can at least keep myself busy staying alive for seven years! I know I won’t literally enjoy the trouble that will be happening to me and around me. I will enjoy the challenge and thrill of actually making it through each perilous day though. This seriously reminds me of a computer game, only this is real life. As I was walking to the shops, I thought of how fierce the sun was. It was kind of hidden behind clouds, yet at the same time it was fierce. Just imagine what it’ll be like when the sun burns out and becomes a scorching fire! I’ve felt the sun when it’s not hidden at all, and it’s horrible. What about when the same unhidden, blazing sunshine, becomes a firy heat? Oh my God! In Darwin the sun is getting like this, I can honestly say that parts of the world are suffering with a firy sun, which will eventually get worse and worse, and then envelop the whole world. What a dreadful time that will be. In wonder if I’ll be able to get out of the house by the time 2020 comes around? It looks like by then I’ll only have night time to explore the world. But then I’ll have to be on the lookout, that is with whomever, or whichever guide dog I may have at the time, for murderers, rapists, etc, who’ll be packing the streets at night looking for unsuspecting victims for food, money, or pleasure they might not otherwise get very readily, but are too stubborn and ungodly at this time to care less. It’ll be too hard for the during the daytime because they’ll be hiding from the exploding sun. So innocent little me, who isn’t so innocent anyway, will have to be very careful at night, and hide from the sunshine during the day because it won’t be fit for human consumption anymore.

This world is a sad, sad place, but I’m gonna make it as happy as I can. If I can, and if I still have a computer by then, I’m going to blog about each day and how things are going for me. if I’m not too exhausted as well, I can write long entries about how I got through some of my perilous adventures that involve people hunting me down, people trying to steal my food or secretly break into my house when I thought I could trust them, bla bla bla. I’ll also discuss the good times, like how much food I was able to get from innocent people who, like me, are trying to survive, and how much food I was able to give to them. I can discuss our little trade-offs and old-school bartering stuff, etc. There are some things I won’t discuss immediately though, because I’d need to keep some secrets in order to preserve me and whoever I’m helping to stay alive, even at a great cost to all of us. Obviously if I can, I’ll discuss everything when I’m able to. This whole business will be frightful, but in a way it’ll be fun beating the odds and saying that I can live to tell a tale for an extra day! It will be better than wishing for death early or committing suicide. I can’t say for certainty that the Great Tribulation will start before I die, hopefully when I’m old. But for what is happening around me today, you might see a ffew blogs about what it’s like for me to survive during Great Tribulation, in a matter of a few decades! Oh seriously! Pray to God for me that this won’t happen! But if it does, I’m definitely gonna be praying to God all the time I can tell you. It’s too freaky to just sit back and pretend that all is fine, knowing that it won’t be if I end up dying and going to the wrong place after I suffer for the next hundred years. I want to be prepared for both this life and the next one.


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