Oh no…

Ok, I don’t mean to scare anyone, but I’ve read a massive heap of info for a quarter of tonight into this morning, about when Jesus is meant to be coming back. I know most people don’t believe in it, and for all I know it could all be crap. But seriously I don’t know, and would like to not think so. I don’t wanna wind up in hell one day, I’d rather be in heaven. All this hatred to God stuff is pretty bad, and who says that God is bad? Who the hell says that God isn’t so nice, when he’s really not so nice for a reason! Yet he is so nice when it comes to wanting to follow everything he wants, all his ways etc. This is all too hard to understand but I’m not shocked or surprised since I’ve read of God being unfathomable a million times. He’s a bit too hard for me to work with, but so is working with my eye doctors at the moment. What difference does that make to me? What? Oh this is too much effort so I’ll just go on with the doing everything I wish with no regard to God? Well, since following what God wants is burdensome (I don’t mean that intentionally as God being a horrible being, more like I’m used to having only more regard to myself, that kind of burdensome) – and following what my ophthalmologist wants is literally burdensome, then come on! I don’t want to go to hell, I don’t want life to be hard. I guess a temporarily hard life is better than an eternal miserable afterlife existence. Whether Jesus comes back next year or nexxt century, that’s not the point. I don’t want to be in hell when I die before that. So I guess it’s crunch time for me, forever. So what if I’m freaking out! I freak out over a million things.. Mind you, if I’m still here when the Great Tribulation begins, I hope to be writing blogs still. This world is frightful. It’s very dreadful! How bad will it be by then! Since God is apparently the only one who can handle these fears, I’m putting blind faith into him handling mine right now, because I don’t wanna risk my eternal afterlife existence later! Stuff that. Hopefully my old lady and my family will follow suit. Boo if they don’t! I will miss them forever, and I don’t want to miss anybody!


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