Good news and bad news

I had my ultra-sound this arvo. It was fairly amazing! The doctor put some jell on my eyelids and he and his other older assistant had a good look in there. Unfortunately, my bad eye is really bad, and my good eye is just a bit wrong. It needs fixing, but my bad eye will need to be looked at first before anything is done. I won’t be making a blog tomorrow night because I’ll be either resting at home if all goes well, or in hospital if more surge3ry needs doing. I had my ECG done as well, and it’s fine. I told the cardiologist, or we can assume she is one, that I feel my ehart skipping beats and beating funny sometimes. It’s more when I’m nervous though, and since I asked about ECG tracings being done in the operating room, those beats are considered ok. I don’thave a problem heart! So I have perfect blood pressure, a perfect heart, and a perfect temperature! That is the great news. I got a blood test done as well. It’s clearly not that bad, or I’d have heard news by now.

Jill thought I carried on too much when the doctor was putting the scanner over my right eye to look at it, but that’s because I was in agonising pain. As much as she’s compassionate about what I’m going through and knows pain generally, she has no idea what my eye pain feels like. So she can get fucked. I’m angry with her over that, but at least we can still move on. If she wants to think I’m bagging her out to others, that’s her problem. She’s a very kind person, but very annoying sometimes. I had some dinner, but wasn’t very hungry at all. I still haven’t forgiven the doctors for how sick I got last time, and I kept frowning at the anesthetist when she spoke to me. So she knows I’m a begrudging person too. They all want to calm me down… To which I laughed at the nurse who did my physical exam, and frowned at the anesthetist.. I’m sorry, but I’ve put up with enough shit in one fucking lifetime. I came home and had a shower, using a special medicated soap. I have to use this soap in the morning as well,, and wash my hair. I have a blow-dryer, so it’s not the end of the world. I have to present to the day-surgery unit at nine o’clock, then I’ll be prepared for my surgery. I’ll let you know how it went, and what will be happening, when I get back into the blogosphere on Friday or Saturday. I’m going to bed now so must end this entry.


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