First post of the year…

Today was really good for me. Besides taking Panamax to control the pain in my eye, I sat around with the computer and ate pizza for lunch. I’ll have to throw it away tomorrow. I’m not eating any for breakfast, it’ll be off by then. Then I went to my grandparents’ place for tea. They made a delicious lamb caserole! The only thing I hated was my grandfather putting my opinions down. He does that to everyone. I totally disrespect and hate him for that. It’s my life, I can say wwhat the fuck I want whether people agree or not. No point in putting one another’s opinions down at the end of the day. He’s a fucking old cunt and if he died tomorrow the world wouldn’t miss him. Besides his fuddy-duddy assed shit, I made the best of the two hours I spent with them. I’d never spend a night at their house ever, after last time’s crap with them. They respect people when it suits them, and it’s never the other way around. They might do good things and they might be helpful, but ask them to be that way when they don’t wanna? No. Then their evil comes out of them. Fucking old fuddy-duddies. I’m only getting help from them because I’m blind. Is that nasty or what? It’s not like I’d willingly accept help or anything from them otherwise. We just keep the peace because I know I need help from them. That’s even worse.

I’ve got a big container of lollies beside me now. I bought them a couple of weeks ago, and they’re absolutely yummy! They’re a Christmas mix, and that makes them even etter. I’m gonna stay up for a few hours and play games and eat lollies, till I’m tired. My dog isn’t invited into my party, not after he spoiled my carpet last Saturday. To say the least, my stomach was spoiled enough to feel like I might as well have tried battery acid! That’s no joke. By then it was either the panadol goes down or the ambulance takes me. Luckily, the panadol won. Next time, it’ll be the ginger ale, beating me both to the panadol and the intense fucking spewing up. Don’t tell me that this situation or that illness or that beverage, causes more vomiting. It’s not true! It’s whether the old stomach wants to cause a wretch of a time or not. If it causes me a wretch of a time, I start pulling out the medicine and the old-school tricks, which is much better than the ambos pulling out theirs.


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