WordPress you are stubborn!

I’ve been wanting to write for the last three days, but I’ve been stuck with copying and pasting journals in this fat ass site instead. I’d just finished with a journal and published a post, when the Internet cut off on me and I am back at Square 1, with pasting the second part of the journal in a new post. Well fuck this site. I could use an email to post it, but that’ll take forever to send itself to this site. So I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to post a hundred entries just for one journal. I’ll sit up all night if I fucking well have to! I want to write about everything else, but I’ll fix this fuckhead site first I think. Time to re-do half of my hard work, save in Ms Word, and re-post the second part of the journal so everyone can have a read if they want…


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