I’ve finally pasted as much of the journal in here as is available! Of course there’ll be more to come at some point next year, so I’ll just update Part 2 of the post. I had to fix a few mistakes in it, but that’s just so people won’t read irrelevant crap. At least I know what I’m doing with pasting blog posts in here, so I should get things done a bit quicker.

Two guide dog trainers turned up at home yesterday. One is the Guide Dogs manager, and the other one was just a dog trainer. I got Troy to find his way to Joshua’s place and then find his way back. Unfortunately, me and Troy need a bit of re-training because ueensland has some different guide dog training rules, but not many. And also, Troy is used to cement footpaths. He’ll do right with them, but he isn’t used to walking on grass verges and going around obstacles specific to that type of terrain Troy can’t just step onto the grass and back onto the cement. That fucking sucks that he can’t actually work his way around obstacles except if there’s very specific landmarks and boundaries to guide his initiative! Fucking damn it some guide dog organisations are so behind. So now Trooy needs to learn how to indicate obstacles correctly, let alone how to get around them. Oh fuck me! Why did I leave Brisbane before getting a guide dog. I’m a dork. Anyway… The good news is that me and Troy are being trained properly. Troy also has a new harness to boot. It’s a better model too, the whole girth strap doesn’t move on him, and the handle doesn’t move a whole lot either. It bounces normally, but how would you like it if someone put a harness on you and held a handle attached to it, while the fucking thing rattled and shook on your back, causing your girth bit at the front to jiggle around and rub up and down your body? Wouldn’t be comfortable would it! Well, this newer model feels more secure, and my new guide dog training process is a lot more secure too, I must add.

1. Do not let me get a guide dog from Adelaide again!
2. Do not let me get O and M training in Darwin ever again!

The good part about this new harness too, is that when I’m holding it, it doesn’t bounce around like the other one. It just sits in my hand and moves up and down smoothly, not that shaking, rattling jolting on Troy bloody bull crap. Tomorrow I’m taking him for a little walk to Jill’s place because I haven’t gone nowhere today. I need to get out of this frigging place for a day. Doing housework and bathing Troy and nothing else is lazy for me. I’ve been putting water in Troy’s food too because I swear he isn’t drinking enough. His shit has gone all hard and crumbly, thanks to me accidentally find out this morning! Eeeeeeeuuuuu. I used the bag that was attached to him and ready to go, to gently pick the piece of dilbry off his fur under his ass. Yuck! Then he went for another shit anyway. I know it was a fresh dilbry because when I attached the bag, something wet touched my arm for half a second. When I felt it through the bag, it was really hard, liike constipation shit. That’s disgusting! So I’m going to be putting water in Troy’s food twice a day for a couple of days till he learns to drink for himself. I made sure he got a good bath too, otherwise he’d have gotten me and him sick quite easily. Germs crawling all over a dog isn’t my type of life thanks. It’s a pity Troy isn’t a clean animal anymore. Troy’s work is doing fine, but his toileting and hygiene issues are really going downhill. He is an animal, but I don’t want him to be an untrained animal. When I’ve finished this blog I’m gonna see if he needs another shit so he won’t use this house as a toilet. Geeze, if he was little and his mother caught him using her little place as a toilet, he’d have been booted hard! Normal dogs don’t use their den as a toilet under any circumstances, unless their sick of cours. Healthy dogs are supposed to be cean. They’re not clean by our standards, but they’re clean as in, no shitting and pissing in their dens, especially their sleeping area, no shitting in play areas etc. Troy is obviously not very normal, and he isn’t fully trained, otherwise he’d be used to other animals, he wouldn’t bark randomly, and he wouldn’t try jumping up and down whilst on lead, especially not taking forever to settle down once told to quit his behaviour. The trainers pulled him straight in five seconds though. No yelling and kicking, but no mucking around either. I think Troy will do even better under a couple of new eyes. His harness has proved a hit with me, now he needs to follow suit!

I went to Jill’s house yesterday. We spent a few hours discussing the whole thing with family helping me out. They ain’t happy that Nan and Pop haven’t take in anything that was said about me, and that’s truthfully why I didn’t go to their place yesterday. They treat me like a baby when I’m there because they don’t want to accept that I’m not five. I don’t think I’ll go to my grandparents’ place for a long time now. They don’t care that they treat me differently from everyone else, they disrespect Troy’s training as a guide dog and all. They don’t give a fuck about that. I pulled them straight though. Only next time I won’t be so polite. My grandparents only care about their own interests. They’re a bit helpful, but that is if it suits their agenda. I know everyone is helpful to a degree like that, but my Nan and Pop are really up themselves. Believe me, I’ll be telling them what for next time. They can either help me with a willing heart, to give me the life I want, or they can fuck themselves. Helping me out how they want and then arguing with me because I don’t think the same, isn’t going to make me part of their lives any faster. I hate people like that.


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